Radio stations participating in the We Surround Them gathering parties

Below is a list of radio stations participating in the We Surround Them gathering party. Check back often for updates…

Radio Station Venue

St Louis

Side Pockets in St. Charles

More details…



B &D Burgers, South Side Savannah, 11108 Abercorn Street in front of Lowes

More details…


Springfield, IL

Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center on Sixth Street

3:30p | More details…



Cool River Café in Denver

3p | More details…



Irish Pub, 20th & Walnut Streets

4:30p | More details…



The Crowne Plaza in Blue Ash

More details…



Kansan Grill, 7th &Kansas, Topeka

More details…


Rio Grande Valley, TX

Two locations – 1) Faith Pleases God Church-Harlingen 2) Abundant Grace Community Church-Edinburg

More details…



Sidelines Cafe

More details…



The Dugout, located on the corner of Olsen & Hobbs

3pm | More details…


Wichita Falls

Howard Johnson Hotel, 401 Broad Street

More details…


Salem, OR

Willamette Valley Grill at the Red Lion Hotel

More details…


Springfield, MO

Rendezvous Coffee, 320 Park Central W, Springfield

3p-6p | More details…


New Orleans

Olive Branch Cafe, New Orleans

4p | More details…


Indianapolis, IN

The Fishers Conference Center in Fishers, Indiana

4p-8p | More details…


San Diego, CA

Oggis Pizza – Carmel Mountain Ranch

More details…


Dothan, AL

Blue Plate Restaurant in Dothan -at BOTH locations!

More details…


Richmond, VA

Sports Page Bar & Grill in Mechanicsville, VA

4:30pm -6:30pm | More details…


 Manchester, NH

Murphy’s Tap Room in Manchester, NH

 More details…


Melbourne, FL

Mighty Mushroom Restaurant and Bar, Melbourne, FL

4:30pm | More Details…


Salt Lake City

Noah’s in South Jordan

3pm | More Details…


Tyler, TX

KE Cellars in Tyler’s French Quarter Shopping Center

4pm | More Details…


Providence, RI

Water Place Restaurant in downtown Providence

Invite Only | More Details…


Escanaba, MI

Hereford & Hops Steakhouse & Brewpub, Escanaba

4-6pm | More Details…


Twin Falls, ID

Canyon Crest Dining Center, Twin Falls

3:00-5:00pm | More Details…


Ft. Wayne, IN

The Classic Café Catering Events Center

5p | More details…


Columbus, OH

Garage Bar, Columbus , OH

More details…


Harrisburg, PA

2 locations – 1) Hilton, Harrisburg 2) Doc Holidays, 931 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA

5pm | More details…


Syracuse, NY

Palace Theatre, Syracuse

4:30-6:30p | More details…

This list will continue to grow so please check back often…
  • David C Hammond

    Glenn – The prayer below from my blog site [ ] was initially written back in February of this year.  Most recently, I posted it to my blog and spent two days posting it to Christian Facebook groups, Christian radio, media and Facebook TV sites.  I’ve received “likes” from Russia, Germany, Philippines, Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, India and from a boatload of brothers and sisters from at least 30 some cities here in the States.Thought you might want to share this [long but all inclusive] prayer with your friends.   
    Global Prayer for Peace, Wisdom and Leadership with Character
    Posted by dhammond on 28 Sep 2012 .   Filed under: Uncategorized
    Father God, Creator of the universe and Architect of all things, both above and beneath the Heavens, hear the prayers of the Faithful in Christ, as we ask for forgiveness for falling asleep on our watch. Our nation, as well as, many nations of the world, have lost our way and desperately need Your guidance and wisdom to correct our course.You Lord are the Alpha and the Omega, Jehovah God, Father of the immaculate birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Advocate and Savior. By Your life, death, burial and resurrection we all have access to the throne of God through Faith, conviction and declaration. Today Father, we come boldly to the throne to ask for forgiveness, favor, guidance, wise leadership and a refreshed vision of purpose and direction.Forgive us Lord, for not being diligent and alert to quickly discern the true character of those we have allowed to rule over us. Some were elected. Some became rulers, overlords and dictators by their own means. In some cases Lord, we could not see them for what they truly are; others we could, but we turned a blind eye to their true ambitions because doing so, served us well in the beginning.God – We thank you for the privilege to come before you in prayer. And like our brothers and sisters before us, we need Your help. Many nations of the world have forgotten how to find peace, dispense wisdom and lead by example. Attributes that are readily emulate-able by anyone that seeks first to know You and lead by Your example.Lord, we ask and pray for Your mercy, guidance and even Your divine intervention to help our nations, and the leaders of these nations to get back to the business of serving You and Your people, justly and with compassion.Lord, I boldly ask that You grant this nation, my home, the United States of America, a revived spirit of common-sense, a rebalanced approach to political correctness and the backbone to govern in accordance to Your will. We have lost our way and our leadership has lost theirs as well.We the people have witnessed our leaders hide behind notions that because they were granted power and authority on our behalf, that they can abuse this privilege at our expense. They mandate laws and dole out half-baked solutions and services that they do not even participate in, opting rather to deploy ‘favored’ services and privileges to themselves, again at our expense.They have abandoned the idea that it is better to teach a man to fish than to feed the man without instruction. This over lording spirit of control and power over others, does not mend the broken hearted nor does it empower the weak to strengthen their own house, but rather robs the person of his or her drive, desire and calling to rise up higher and fulfill his or her own destiny through You.Lord, open the eyes and ears of our leaders, senators, and congressmen, regardless of which side of the isle they choose to hail from, and show them that the people have grown tired of their lack of accomplishment, poor judgment, hopeless rhetoric, and lack of character.While we admire their willingness to serve and passion to fight for common and shared beliefs when they are honorable ones, we can no longer tolerate their inability to agree on and deploy solutions to the challenges we face. Their stubborn egos have left them blind to the fact that once the lines of difference have been defined, debated and heard, it is time to rise up and overcome their differences, redefine a solution and resolve the issue. Swiftly and wisely, or resign their position.God, speak with these leaders and assure them that it is okay to admit their ineffectiveness and resign their post, so that another, whom You have anointed and will provide, can stand and serve in their place. One that is well able and equipped to accomplish the task.Forgive us Lord for being stubborn, self-serving and sloppy in our affairs. This nation has become self-absorbed with selfish gain. We started out on the right path but over time we’ve lost our way, surrendered our moral compasses and compassionate commitment to our fellow man in exchange for self-indulgence, and now, self-preservation.Help us Lord, to forgive those that helped lead us astray and forgive them for abusing their insider knowledge, affluence and privilege for their own gain at the expense of others.Grab the attention of our leaders and tell them how to get back on track and help them comprehend what to do. To those that listen to Your instruction, grant them Your divine knowledge to perform their tasks with Godly wisdom. Talk to them in the night. Wake them from a dead sleep to show them a solution to a problem. Light a bush on fire if needed, so that they know Your will and not turn to the left when they should go right.Reveal to them Your plan through visions and dreams. Grant them the ability to not only recall, but to correctly interpret Your vision. Grant them favor as they solicit support for solutions that are just, prudent and in accordance to Your will. And Lord, for those that have fallen deaf to Your counsel and instruction, who believe they know better than You, expose them naked before all men and remove them from their house of authority.Help us Lord to know Your will when it appears; to hear Your voice when it speaks. Thank you Lord, for the provisions you have blessed this and other nations with, an abundance from which we can provide for those still struggling and for those unable to provide for themselves. Many of the mighty nations of this world are charitable and giving, but we are also wasteful and irresponsible with the blessings You have provided.Bring forth those that can lead us back to righteousness before You. Begin nurturing and maturing the silent voices of our youth, that they may one day rise up and speak Your truths and lead by Your example, to this, and to all nations.Lord, the Americas’ is not the only nation in need of Your immediate intervention and mercy. As we look abroad there is much unrest, oppression and horrific atrocities in troubled nations across this globe. From Egypt and Syria to Iran and Israel. We, the mighty in prayer, who have little influence or position in the natural to bring about favorable resolve abroad, boldly approach the throne of God, where we do have power and influence, and ask that you intervene on behalf of the Faithful.It is hard to pray and ask that these afflicted brothers and sisters in the Faith, be granted peace, a forgiving heart and continual favor. How could we pray like this knowing they are in the midst of the chaos and fending for their very lives? Yet we, who are well able, and not in imminent danger, can and must intercede for these brothers and sisters, believing that our prayers will be heard over the noise of war; the whistling of missile fire, exploding and crumbling buildings and the screams of the innocent. We, who are not in harms way, will cry out for those that have temporarily lost their voice, their hope or their will. Hear and answer our prayers today Lord; restore sanity, rest and peace to this troubled region, as You have done before.Raise up new leaders whose hearts are open to resolving differences, before it’s too late to do so. We realize that these nations, as well as, many other nations in crisis, have been warring for centuries. We understand that solutions are difficult to frame and articulate that serve all parties. But You God, You alone, know the history better than anyone and know the solutions to their problems. You alone can rise up one or many that have been given Your insight and wisdom to once again bring peace and rest, forgiveness and understanding to these nations. Leaders that agree on the fundamentals of Your teachings, are to live at peace and harmony. Serving one another, respecting one another, and loving one another as You have instructed.If our leaders would simply remain focused on improving the quality of life within their own borders, committed to enabling and strengthening those within, and if we each, honored and respected the borders of our neighbors, then, we would see our nations prosper. Nations strong enough to serve and help the weaker nations to grow and prosper; all content with what we have. Yet willing and able to trade and work with those nations that can provide what we don’t have in exchange for services and goods we have been blessed with. Lord we know that until our own house is in order we will not be able to restore trust and leadership to neighboring nations.Help all the leaders and people of influence in every nation to humble them-selves and acknowledge their abuses of power and self-serving ways. And Lord, for those that opt not to listen to Your voice, who continue to follow their own path of corruption, abuse and destruction, remove them from their lofty positions of power and control; and replace them with those that have called out to You. Those that have proven to have a heart after You. To these entrust Your wisdom, counsel and favor.We thank you Lord that there are people of Faith and prayer warriors for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, present and accounted for in this day, within all the nations of this world; faithful men and women of prayer that reside within the blessed and prosperous nations, as well as, those nations that are engulfed in civil unrest and great conflict.Look down and consider the prayers of the Faithful Lord. See that there is still hope and faith in the land, and like Noah, find us worthy of saving. For not all are corrupt and not all have abandoned Your precepts. We know that despite what we witness or are told over the airwaves, that there are still, both men and women of prayer, crying out for justice, praying for deliverance, seeking shelter and food, and grieving over relatives and friends that were taken without cause.And Lord, we ask that You keep all the families and loved ones of the Faithful safe and protected. Encamp round about them at all times, but especially, when the Faithful step out and speak up to expose the darkness and share the wisdom of God. Protect us when we venture outside the walls to expose evil and stand for good. Thank You Lord for wisdom in knowing that greater is He that dwells in us, than he that is in the world. You alone understand the sequence of events that will occur leading up to Your return. You know what things we need to accomplish here on earth to help pave a way for others to find Your kingdom and experience Your rest.Strengthen the resolve of the mighty in Christ to humble them-selves and pray with fervor; then strengthen them to stand and deliver. Strengthen the hopes of the weary that they may once again stand and rejoin the good fight of Faith. Lead us all to cross paths daily with those You wish to speak, and do so, through us, as often as You desire, that the lost may be found and the broken restored.And Lord, for those of us who are trying to live our lives according to your teachings, but sometimes fall short, forgive us when and where we have offended others unknowingly. Show us how to make things right where it is possible to do so. Help us all to forgive those that have mistreated or misguided us in the past. Help us Lord, to let go of the things we thought were due and expected. Search us Lord and show us how to avoid putting our faith in man, ahead of You. Help us each to heal stronger than we were.In You, and in You alone, is the power to create, restore, heal, and save. Create dear Lord in all nations, a revised spirit to return to justice. Restore the nations of the world to rationale behavior and dialogue. Heal, strengthen and restore the broken, the weary, the disadvantaged and the disenchanted. Save us Lord from ourselves by calling up the Faithful to engage and expose those whose hearts, minds and actions are either deceived or are in willful and knowing conflict with what is right, pure and acceptable in Your sight.Grant us favor and victory in our pursuits.All these things we ask in the name of Jesus as Heirs according to Your promise that Your glory, honor and name be declared and magnified, both in heaven and earth, forever and ever.

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