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VOICE: The Glenn Beck Program presents more truth behind America’s march to socialism.

GLENN: Comrades, things are getting great in America. Gordon Brown’s here. He’s going to save the whole world. Prime minister of the U.K. is looking for a new global New Deal that would save the world from economic collapse. And if anybody can save the world from economic collapse, I think it’s a socialist from Europe. I’m just — no, no, I’m just saying. They know how to do it. English, they got it down. I don’t know why we ever broke away from that whole king thing.

Anyway, a big part of the global New Deal, you know, is of course a global cap and trade system… that doesn’t work in Europe. But we’ve got it fixed now. It will save the world from global warming. Personally after looking at my 401(k), I wouldn’t mind if the sun fell on me, but maybe it’s just me. Global warming’s got to be stopped. Therefore given what you know about politicians, it shouldn’t be any surprise whatsoever that when the French eco manager looked for the worst carbon offenders out of all the European leaders, number one was… Gordon brown. Hang on just a second. May I just, may I approach the ADD bench here for just a second, your Honor? Did the two words stick out to anybody else, eco magazine, French eco magazine? Could there be anything more annoying? That’s the combination of — that’s the Bermuda triangle of fun, French eco magazine. Anyway, Brown admits an estimated of 8400 tons based just on his plane travel. To give you some perspective, the average American emits 19 and you’re evil. Not 1900. 19. Brown criticizes all the evil carbon emitters back in the colonies while killing the planet more than 442 times as quickly. But, of course, he is a world leader. Not a very good one, not even one that Obama wants to have a press conference with but, you know, he’s a world leader. He’s got to travel. He’s more important than you. But then there’s this little tidbit. What is perhaps most surprising about the findings is how some of the leaders traveled more ecologically than others. Mr. Sarkozy, for example, produced a smaller carbon footprint than his British and German counterparts but still voyaged over 200,000 miles, more than twice as many as Mr. Brown and nearly twice as many as Mrs. Merkel. Wait a minute, hang on. So the French guy who won the election campaigning on being more American-friendly emits far less carbon than the English guy, criticizing everybody about their carbon usage. That’s weird. It’s almost like when he’s calling for a socialist global New Deal and strict eco purity, he’s being honest about half the time.

Let me ask you this: Can you guess which half he’s being honest about?

VOICE: That was even more overwhelming evidence that we are destined to be a bunch of socialist pigs very, very soon on the Glenn Beck Program.