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GLENN: Well, the savior of the universe, Barack Obama, and his socialist plan to save the universe, the stimulus, have run into a few bumps in states with Republican governors. Not enough bumps but a few. Rick Perry is not taking a big chunk of the money. Looks like Bobby Jindal is not taking it, either. Nor will Marc Sanford from South Carolina. Sanford has this little problem with the stimulus. You know, he apparently thinks that we got into all of these problems by spending too much. What a dope. So Sanford’s not going to take the money. Well, he said there is one way, if he could use it not to create billions of dollars of future programs but to pay off South Carolina’s debt. That makes sense, right? Get out of debt. In tough times, you get a large amount of money from an inheritance. Grandma dies, you are having a tough time, what do you do? A lotto ticket. You know, you get a large sum of money from robbing an heiress in a drunken casino, whatever. You use that money if you’re smart to pay off your debt. Then you can have the pressure relieved so you can make wiser choices for the future. Well, the problem with the plan is — hang on. Give me a second. I’m thinking. Oh, I know. The problem with that plan is it doesn’t give the White House or Washington any control, which is the motivation behind the stimulus package in the first place. White House budget director said in a letter to Sanford that the federal stimulus law does not law President Barack Obama to make an exception for that cash. Sanford sought a waiver last week asking to pay off the debt rather than use the money to create jobs and avoid deep program cuts. So Obama would really love to help out, but he just can’t. It’s just, oh, man, my hands are tied. I’m going to use all of my political power to break those contracts at AIG but I’m stuck. Man, I want to do that. Oh, well, I guess the federal government’s just going to have to hold a gun, which I don’t believe in, to South Carolina’s head. That’s my only option, guys ..

Think about what this means. The country spends too much, they try to solve it by spending even more and then it’s actually against the law to try to be financially responsible with the money when you get it! No, no, you have to trap yourself into programs where you are forced to spend even more for many, many years down the road. And Mr. "I’m looking for any way to take the bonus money from AIG employees who are in contracts with their employer, I just can’t seem to find one possible way to make an exception for the governor who wants to pay off his debt Obama," it doesn’t really work for me. And what’s the classy way President Obama’s handling this? His minions at the DNC are running attack ads against Sanford. Just know if you want to stand against this president, he swings a mighty big hammer. Oh, which reminds me, has anybody seen that sickle laying around anywhere?

VOICE: That was even more overwhelming evidence that we are destined to be a bunch of socialist pigs very, very soon on the Glenn Beck program.