GLENN: Have you disagreed with anything yet? I mean, you could kind of pick and choose around here a little bit but I mean, I watched this video last night and you know what’s funny? The tour that we’re about to do. Didn’t I announce the name of the tour? The tour that we’re about to do this summer is the Common Sense Tour. I’ve been telling you that I’ve been reading Common Sense for a while. This is basically the second half of the tour that is coming to a town near you this summer. I mean, this guy has nailed Thomas Paine. And you listen to all of this stuff and none of it is about politics. None of this is about Barack Obama.

He did an earlier piece that came out, what, a year ago, year and a half ago? If George Bush was in office, none of this is about politics. And when he said your military, they never fail you, how true it is. How true it is.

All right. We’re going to include this in our free e-mail newsletter at You’ll see the rest of it. The ending of it I think is pretty, is pretty — the last couple of lines is really powerful. And just, holy cow. Holy cow. There’s a couple of things in here that, you know, he talks about. What were the — he talked about a couple of solutions that I disagreed with, but you know what? The sentiment is right.

STU: Is that actually true that a congressman who serves one term gets his salary for his entire life?

GLENN: I think it is. I know that they get all of the benefits and everything else for life.

STU: Maybe that’s what they mean?

GLENN: I’m not sure it’s the entire salary. But it is an amazing —

STU: That can’t be possible.

GLENN: Joe? Just ask one of our researchers.

STU: Maybe benefits.

GLENN: Joe, find out.

STU: I don’t know. That doesn’t seem possible.

GLENN: These guys, this is the problem and this is what I’ve kind of been going in my mind over and over and over again. You know, I might as well tell you. I’m rewriting Common Sense. I’m rewriting Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, and I have been working on it since December and I have really been studying it and quite honestly the first time I read it, I thought, oh, my gosh, I can’t rewrite this. And this came to me. I just had this feeling that I need to get Common Sense and read some more Thomas Paine and I think maybe I should rewrite it. And in one day three people that I really respect called me and e-mailed me and said, Glenn, you know, I’ve been thinking, have you thought about rewriting Common Sense. And we were on the book tour and I said, the next bookstore we go to, you know, would one of you guys go and get Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. And I read it and it is some of the most powerful writing you have ever seen. It’s quite amazing. Absolutely amazing. But the secret of it is there’s no shame in it. There is no second thought of, well, I don’t know, this party says this or this party. This was common sense. And everybody says, "Oh, you’re trying to be a populist" or whatever. No. The populist sentiment is Common Sense! We have just moved so far away from common sense and we need to see it again. We need to see it again. So we’ll give you that in our free e-mail newsletter. This Thomas Paine on video. And pass it on to all of your friends and then connect. Please, connect. Go to and connect with other people that are thinking like you and quite honestly some people who aren’t thinking like you. There are people that are more liberal than you, more conservative than you. It doesn’t matter. It is a space where you create it. You are the one. Don’t get caught up, though, in hate and arguing back and forth and playing politics with it. Just go into your principles and follow your principles and help us develop this site to where people all around the country can connect wit h one another. Please. Common sense tells you that we’re in trouble. Common sense tells you that we the people are responsible for it and we the people are the only ones to fix it. Not those people that we are paying and overpaying in Washington on both sides of the aisle, but we the people.