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VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America’s march to socialism.

GLENN: When the government finally gets around to coming after me and I’m put on death row, my last meal, I promise you, will have meat in it. Oh, I love meat, whether it’s a double quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald’s or those new Burger Shots from Burger King. It’s like meat popcorn. I mean, there’s nothing better, so yummy. I love steaks, too. Have you ever had an Allen Brothers steak? Mmm. I eat so much bacon that I think I’m actually about 27% bacon. I think that is my makeup. I have a little bit of muscle, some blood and about 27% bacon. Meat’s great, love it. And just look at the people who don’t eat it. You know, those people. You know you’re on the right side of the issue just by looking at them, like Stu, no meat. Know what I’m saying? I’m just trying to remind you how great meat is because restrictions on meat are coming. And, you know, call me crazy. I am the guy that a year ago said we’re going to nationalize, we’ll nationalize our financial industry and then we’ll nationalize our transportation industry and, of course, our, you know, our manufacturing. We’ll nationalize all that, and it was crazy. That didn’t happen, socialism. Barry M. Popkin can’t believe we’re listening to a guy named Barry M. Popkin, he’s a professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina. He writes in the archives of internal medicine that meat is linked not just to heart disease and other health issues but also with worldwide consumption of energy and water resources. Oh, and global warming. Mr. Barry M. Popkin says that water use is two to five times greater worldwide for animal source food than for basic crops like grains and legumes. I could just have a big heaping helping of legumes. Mr. Barry M. Popkin says that livestock production accounts for 55% of the erosion process in the United States. Wow. It sucks. But have you had those I mean, it’s like meat popcorn. It’s fantastic.

I was driving completely unrelated driving down the highway just, what, last Sunday and Raphe was sitting in the back seat and he was in his car seat and he was kind of sleepy and I said, Raphe, Raphe, look, look, look outside, look at all the turkeys. And there were all these wild turkeys that were all across the road and everything. We had to stop and look at them. And he just kind of opened his eyes a little bit and just really sleepy, he said, "Dad, we should get a gun and shoot one and eat it," and then he fell asleep. Oh, kids. Anyway, he says that livestock production accounts for 55% of the erosion process in the United States. So the environmentalists think that global warming is going to kill us all and as a result they’re forcing cap and trade down our throat so we can have higher prices at the gas pump. And now they’re saying that meat and livestock are one of the main causes of global warming, the thing that’s going to kill us all. Hmmm. I wonder what the government might do next. Boy, you better stop by McDonald’s while you still can. Oh, I know, I’m crazy. These things will never happen. They’ll never do that. It’s weird because I think that I said about three years ago, look out, the next thing that’s going to happen is they’re going to come after your meat. It’s just, look. The reporter on this article really gives the other side on this issue and he gives it real credibility. I mean, I just, I want you to listen how they wrote the opposing view into the story. Quote: Not surprisingly the Center For Consumer Freedom which describes itself as a nonprofit coalition supported by restaurants, food companies and consumers issued a press release this week disputing Mr. Barry M. Popkin’s editorial. Oh, I see. So it’s one of those evil coalitions of those bastards who make food and those even greedier bastards who eat all the food! I hate those people! Kill them! Anyway, Mr. Barry M. Popkin responded to the dispute by saying, "This is what the food industry always does. It’s just like the tobacco industry. They obfuscate without ever looking at any of the facts. They just, they don’t pay attention to the facts." Oh, that damn big food industry, I hate they are just like the tobacco industry, constantly trying to get people to eat food, eat food, eat food, eat food, three times a day, eat food. Oh, what hate mongers. Thankfully the government is here to tell you that you, you know, you don’t have to eat a lot of the things that you like. You know, you can eat other things and, you know, if you don’t eat those other things, well, there’s going to be trouble. I mean, look, there’s other things you can do. I mean, otherwise you’d just be going, you know, about your life not knowing that you’re being assaulted by big food, and that’s a problem that the government’s here to solve for you.

VOICE: That was even more overwhelming evidence that we are destined to be a bunch of socialist pigs very, very soon on the Glenn Beck program.