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VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America’s march to socialism.

GLENN: We are so green today, we are. Happy Earth Day. I’m excited. Well, I was going to decorate my tree but that would require me to try to hey, by the way, do we have anybody on the phone yet with a chainsaw that’s willing to cut down a tree for Earth Day? Well, I’m all excited. It is Earth Day. It’s even more exciting to see how Democrats have kicked off three full days of hearing on cap and trade. 770 firms and interest groups have now hired 2300 climate lobbyists in the last 12 months. That’s fantastic. I’m sure they’re there representing your best interests. There’s a sense of urgency now for those who are pushing cap and trade because environmental concerns are polling their lowest ever in the 25 year history of the poll. Perhaps before we rush into a system that taxes us with the energy we use, let’s take a look how some of our past environmental problems have panned out.

You remember our air pollution concerns? Well, if you don’t, it was basically the 1970 version of global warming and the fear mongers of today. From the first Earth Day in 1970, scientists said then that, quote, air pollution is certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in just the next few years alone. Quote: By 1980 the life expectancy of all Americans will be 42 years. By 1985, quote, air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth by 1/2.

Now, consider that since 1970 the population is up 50%. Miles driven has increased by 159% and real GDP has increased 159% and here’s how the air pollution, you know, that has reduced our life expectancy to 42 years, my gosh, I’ve been dead all these years and I didn’t even know it.

Here’s how the air pollution is played out. 91% decrease in the lead air quality from 1980 to 2007, 76% national decrease in carbon monoxide air quality 1980 to 2007, and 68% national decrease in sulfur dioxide air quality. And here’s what’s really weird about all this. We were able to do all those things without a cap and trade transfer the wealth system or any lobbyists there that were saying we’re all going to burn to death in a fiery flood. But you know what, don’t look at those results. You know, there’s look, there’s something shining over there! Is that a new Al Gore book? Oh, jeez, we’re in a crisis; we need cap and trade now, everybody!

VOICE: That was even more overwhelming evidence that we are destined to be a bunch of socialist pigs very, very soon on the Glenn Beck program.