America’s March to Socialism: Why we’re one step closer to giant missile parades
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VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America’s March to Socialism.

GLENN: The number one audio book in America, the March to Socialism, at least last I checked on one website, about 11:00 last night. I don’t know. March to Socialism available now in audio form only through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and it’s in all bookstores now, isn’t it?

All right. So here’s our March to Socialism today. Green jobs, the cornerstone of Barack Obama’s fledgling presidency. It’s how we’re not only going to gain our energy independence, it’s the way we’re all going to get out of this economic mess, huh? There’s nothing better than green jobs. Obama has cited Spain’s efforts in creating green jobs as a model for us to follow. What benefits has Spain reaped from rushing and forcing renewable energy into action? A recent study done in Madrid shows that it’s wildly costly to create a green job. An astounding average of about $600,000 for each green job created.

Now, I’m not an economist but I think the private sector could do a little better than that ’cause I am a thinker. Only one in ten green jobs is permanent. Each green job that has been created has led to 2.2 jobs being lost some place else in the economy. So when Obama proposes that he’s going to create five million green jobs in the same fashion that they are doing in Spain, that also means he will lose 11 million jobs elsewhere in the economy according to the study done on and in Spain. Sounds like the perfect thing for us, doesn’t it? Not only that, this warning has just come out from Spain’s ministry of industry. The ministry of industry, quoting, has warned that the explosion in renewables threatens the power grid and the price of electricity. My gosh, who would have seen this coming? I didn’t what? The path that these tech still quoting: The path that these technologies, renewables are following could in the short run risk the sustainability of the system, both from an economic point of view on the impact of the electric rate as well as from a technical point of view, even quote. So the study says, not a good idea. The government says, oops, this could be a real problem. The system is hemorrhaging jobs and threatening the entire energy system. I can’t wait until he starts implementing this here! But the failures aren’t stopping Spain from telling us how great their system is. Minister Miguel Sebastian just two days prior to the warning was in Chicago defending the Spanish model for renewables. This is like the abortion debate we had with people, trying to make this work in my head. So the system that brought 2.2 lost jobs for every gained job, 90% of which were temporary and may run the risk of, what was that quote again, sustainability of the electric grid isn’t laughed at by our president; it’s held up as a model! Viva socialism!

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