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By Joe Kerry

Tuesday, June 2nd – Phoenix

Monster Energy

Live TV




This is about half of the ‘field’ television crew. Is it just me or do they look really really bored with Glenn’s show?

Glenn on set in Phoenix getting ready for the television show

They were right, you can’t have just one…one BAG that is…midnight snacking!

Yes, it really was 104 degrees in Phoenix yesterday. Glenn added, "but it’s a dry heat" like that’s supposed to matter???!!

Me, with a copy of Glenn’s latest book "Common Sense" coming out June 16th.

Before the show: Glenn talking with his daughter, Stu working on the only computer he hasn’t broken and another dose of healthy snacks. Have any of the food pictures NOT have a bag of M&Ms in them?

He almost looks like a politician in this picture…eeewwwww!!!!


Glenn is seen here recording his Fox News program while on tour…


Glenn on stage in Phoenix

Glenn backstage. No, this isn’t his costume–he just likes dressing like this in his down time.

"To be or not to be…"; wait, wrong tour!

Odd picture, but it all makes sense if you see the show. Well, most of it will make sense.

Beth, Stu and John leaving the Dodge Theater in Phoenix–off to San Diego!!! What’s up with John’s ‘crazy eyes’?

I like this picture. Just a candid snapshot at the airport.