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By Joe Kerry

Wednesday, June 3 – San Diego

Glenn & Stu broadcasting from 760 KFMB. For Glenn it was a childhood dream come true!!!

Rich Bonn (tour director) and John Carney in the ‘green’ room backstage

Erin (Stage Director) adjusting Glenn’s tie–who knew ‘tie adjusting’ could be so darn funny???

Gresh and Tiffany–producing Glenn’s remote television show in San Diego

 Food tray waiting for us in Kansas City, Kansas; no wait–that’s Kansas City, MO. I know, confusing but they take it VERY seriously here.

Glenn and his TV Stage Director, Erin on remote in San Diego. When you hear a woman laugh on set while watching Glenn’s show–that’d be Erin!

I promise that I don’t put those M&Ms in these pictures. If there’s food on a table it’s almost certain a bag of M&Ms will be there as well.

Glenn & Stu. Yes, that’s Stu. Who said he didn’t like to fly?