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VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America’s March to Socialism.

GLENN: March to Socialism, it’s our stimulus package. Light sensors, another in our series watching the stimulus or whatever it is we call it. You had the sounder, Dan?

VOICE: News look, microscope laser focused alert investigative watch, lots of Googling, Glenn Beck’s eye on the stimulus 2009.

GLENN: Okay, our last check in on the stimulus we learned that when the government says they spent $24 million on an apartment building greening, they really only spent $59,000 and another $23,941,000 were left over. Nobody knows where that went. But don’t worry about it. I’m sure it’s gone to weatherstripping or something. Well, here’s the latest. Can’t wait to hear Robert Gibbs and how he’s going to deflect this criticism. This again from Jake Tapper, my favorite reporter at ABC, my hero. The latest project that is saving America, number 7, quote: The New York state’s veterans home at St. Albans in Jamaica   I’m sorry, Jamaica New York   is using $109.5 million in recovery act spending to install more efficient motors, variable speed drive units, lighting ballasts, lighting sensors, daylight sensors and to replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. $109 million, veterans home, New York State, $109 million, light bulbs, light sensors.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but the $109 million for one veterans home seems like you could, you know, make it akin to Saddam’s palace for that kind of cash rather than just, you know, giving it new light bulbs and lighting sensors, but maybe it’s just me. I haven’t purchased a lot of lighting sensors lately. In fact, I’ve got an issue with lighting sensors. There’s a reason people usually, you know, use them outside for their outside lights. Do you really want the light to come on every time you enter and exit a room? Do you, really? What if you’re reading and someone else leaves the room and you’re just like hanging out, light goes off? Then you have to stand up and jump around like an idiot to get the light to go back? Oh, you don’t think this happens? It happens in my office because I can’t disable the light sensors! Sounds a bit high to have all of that calisthenic going on for $109 million but as it turns out, it’s too high. The government was again lying about the amount spent on one place. In actually St. Albans is slated to receive only $3 million for the new light bulbs and light sensors. The government was only off this time by $106 million.

Here’s what Representative Gregory Meeks, a Democrat, told Jake Tapper of ABC. He said, quote: That 100, that’s not accurate. The $109 million mentioned in the White House report was given to the state for all VA facilities. Yeah, love this. They can’t   the government can’t even get their transparency reports to be transparent. Back in a second.

VOICE: That was even more overwhelming evidence that we are destined to be a bunch of socialist pigs very, very soon on the Glenn Beck program.