America’s March to Socialism: Why we’re one step closer to giant missile parades
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VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America’s March to Socialism.

GLENN: Yes, our March to Socialism. President Obama has been overwhelming the system, a tactic of community organizers. So things might be a little confusing right now. For example, Obama has said all of the following things: Everyone underestimated the scope of the crisis and the stimulus package wasn’t big enough. He also said that he’s rescued the economy with the stimulus. But he’s also said hardly any of the money from the stimulus has actually gone out. So it’s kind of tough to keep track of, you know, where we are standing here. That’s why we’re keeping an eye on the stimulus for you.

VOICE: News look, microscope laser focused alert to investigative watch, lots of Googling, Glenn Beck’s eye on the stimulus 2009.

GLENN: Your hard earned tax dollars are at work. $787 billion of them thrust back into the economy and getting the American people back to work fixing not only the American economy but also the American toilets. ADD moment here. I’m thinking they have to do these things on purpose. I mean, it has to be, you know, a sleight of hand trick, right? I mean, they really wouldn’t spend $2.8 million in New Mexico on toilets in the national forest, would they? I mean, they’re stupid but they’re not that stupid, are they? Talk about our tax dollars literally going down the crapper (toilet flushing sounds). Good morning this morning, and afternoon. Oh, fixing toilets are Armani. Going down the toilet. Good morning. $2.8 million on New Mexico forest toilets. How many toilets do you need in a forest? I mean, I hate to point this out, but we’re not really wrecking the forest because we’re animals. Animals are animals, and animals go crapping in the forest on the ground all the time. I think if somebody tinkles along the trail here and there, it wouldn’t be the e nd of the world. Maybe it’s just me, and I tend to be an expert on the end of the world.

They are also spending tens of millions of stimulus dollars restoring ‑‑ are these antique toilets? Are we doing restoration on antique toilets? Oh, those are great. We’re restoring toilets in several other federal agencies to spruce up or completely replace aging toilets. Talk about waste (laughing). Good morning!

VOICE: That was even more overwhelming evidence that we are destined to be a bunch of socialist pigs very, very soon on the Glenn Beck program.