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I’ve been telling you lately I am no longer searching for answers about what is going on with this administration. I believe I now know exactly what they’re doing. They are putting a structure in place, around our existing government.

An exoskeleton is being built around our Republic. And rather than support and protect, as exoskeletons are designed do in the animal kingdom, this one is designed to feed off its host. At the same time, the host is being attacked from every direction, also by design.

The attack agents are cap-and-trade; health care reform; card check; the collapsing dollar; bailouts; stimulus bills; "cash for clunkers"; gigantic, unsustainable debt, and on and on.

Remember, the only thing you need to know about Barack Obama: He is a community organizer. ACORN, SEIU and their 300-plus affiliate organizations, along with AmeriCorp, with the help of Barack Obama, have embedded themselves into the structure of this government. If and when they can overwhelm the system to the point it finally collapses, they already have the new system built, already in place, to restart it and "fundamentally transform the United States of America."

In the movie "Contact," a space-travel machine was built using alien technology. Everyone knew they would face widespread public opposition to the plan: It was wildly expensive and no one even knew if it would work. So, when the machine was destroyed, it was revealed to the nation and the world, that there just happened to be a second machine, already built and ready to go, that no one knew about:


ACTOR JOHN HURT AS S.R. HADDEN: First rule in government spending: Why build one when you can have two at twice the price? Only, this one can be kept secret.


We need to stop that machine from being put into place.

The question I am asked more than anything else — well, other than, "when the studio lights get really hot, do you actually sweat gravy?" And by the way, the answer is yes — that’s why I always keep a gravy boat handy under the desk here at FOX. But the second most-asked question is: "Glenn, what can I do?"

What’s this?
Alert Glenn

You can be a "Constitutional Watchdog" for America. I’m shifting my focus to another project: I’ll still be here, doing my shows on TV and radio, but our attention will be on something else, which I’ll tell you about when I can.

So we need you to keep watch over the most perfect political document ever given to mankind. Heaven knows our politicians aren’t doing it. Go to my Web site — — and look for the shield you see here at the bottom of the screen for more details.

Briefly here it is: Don’t try to pay attention to everything — it’s impossible. As we’ve discussed, they’re throwing so much at us at once — again, by design — that it’s just too much to assimilate. Find something that you know about or have interest in. Watch what Congress is doing on that. If it’s cap-and-trade, look for everything you can find on that issue. Whatever it is, when something comes up that doesn’t sound right, start barking loudly, like the Constitutional Watchdog you are.

Send me an e-mail or tweet and we’ll highlight the story you’ve uncovered. When you see the Watchdog Shield, you’ll know that it wasn’t us who found the story — it was one of our Watchdogs.

I am more optimistic — more hopeful — now than I’ve been in a long time, that, together, we can wake up enough Americans to stop what I firmly believe is an attempt to "fundamentally transform America."

Watch Glenn Beck weekdays at 5p & 2a ET on FOX News Channel

  • Anonymous

    Its a local story but if your in Wisconsin you may find it interesting. A local Reedsburg Wi teacher just teaching our kids!

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure if you have heard or spoken about Common Core Curriculum.  This is being implimentent in 43 of our states.  It takes away the authority for the states to choose the curriculum for their state.  It is not voted on but mandated through the federal government.  it is Nationalizing our public schools, private schools and home schoolers.  I was on a town hall call tonight and I went into cue to ask a question.  Ofcourse the screened the questions.  Right after I asked my state rep what she knew about Common Core Curriculum  there was a mute tone and she said there was a tequnical issue and that we would not be able to have an interactive call but did share what she said she knew about it.  Of course it was glazed over and she said I could call her office for more info.  But the funny part of this whole thing was she was able to have interactive conversation with everyone before my question and after.  Now they were asking about the effects of redistricting, pot holes and Sr. centers.  I guess my question would alert everyone about what was going on.  I live in PA but I know this is not just about PA, its about our entire country.

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