Van Jones, in His Own Words

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We’re going to take another look at our new green jobs "czar," or special adviser to the president for green jobs or whatever they want to call him. But what I want to do is to really take a good, hard look at who Van Jones is.

We’ve told you for the last couple months now, that Jones is an avowed, radical, revolutionary communist. In the last few days, the left has been trying to scrub his image clean — to the point where they are now claiming that he has totally transformed into a raging capitalist. All of a sudden, he’s a combination of Bill Gates and J. Paul Getty. He’s mainstream now; the perfect, young go-getting entrepreneur to kick job creation into high gear. All he wants to do is create green jobs, right?


I hate to intrude with the facts here, but let’s look at Van Jones’ own words. Now granted, we have to go way back here — I mean, I don’t even know how old President Barack Obama was when this event happened — it was clear back before April of this year.

I know, we have to go all the way back to this past March, to the Power Shift ’09 conference — right before Jones was appointed as our president’s "special adviser" — when he said this:


VAN JONES: This movement is deeper than a solar panel! Deeper than a solar panel! Don’t stop there! Don’t stop there! We’re gonna change the whole system! We’re gonna change the whole thing. We’re not gonna put a new battery in a broken system. We want a new system. We want a new system!


"We want a new system. We want a new system."

A new system of what? Is he talking about more than just solar panels? Let’s look again at the entire context of this statement — he’s saying that this can’t be only about new forms of energy:


JONES: If all we do is take out the dirty power system, the dirty power generation in a system, and just replace it with some clean stuff, put a solar panel on top of this system. When we don’t deal with how we are consuming water. We don’t deal with how we’re treating our other sister and brother species. We don’t deal with toxins. We don’t deal with the way we treat each other. If that’s not a part of this movement, let me tell you what you’ll have: You’ll have solar-powered bulldozers, solar-powered buzz saws, and biofuel bombers, and we’ll be fighting wars over lithium for the batteries instead of oil for the engines and we’ll still have a dead planet. This movement is deeper than a solar panel! Deeper than a solar panel! Don’t stop there! Don’t stop there! We’re gonna change the whole system! We’re gonna change the whole thing!


This is social justice.

Can we stop claiming that this man is just an average, everyday, capitalist American? Can we at least start having the necessary discussion of whether we want communists in the United States government as "special advisers" to the president? Do we even want communists to have lunch with our president?

Barack Obama did not campaign openly on "changing the whole system." He did, however, five days before Election Day, tell us this much:


THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.


Very few Americans paid attention then. Are you paying attention now?

If our founding principles are no longer relevant — if the system with which this country was founded is somehow unjust or unworkable now — and communism, Marxism or socialism is the right and relevant path, then let’s have that discussion in America. But to subversively bring in a "new system" through the back door, in the middle of the night — no, that’s unacceptable.

But this goes further than whether Van Jones is a capitalist or a communist. Look at what else Jones said at this conference:


JONES: And our Native American sisters and brothers who were pushed and bullied and mistreated and shoved into all the land we didn’t want, where it was all hot and windy. Well, guess what? Renewable energy? Guess what, solar industry? Guess what wind industry? They now own and control 80 percent of the renewable energy resources. No more broken treaties. No more broken treaties. Give them the wealth! Give them the wealth! Give them the dignity. Give them the respect that they deserve. No justice on stolen land. We owe them a debt.


Give them the wealth? Is that what you voted for?

Does that sound familiar at all?


REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT: We believe God sanctioned the rape and robbery of an entire continent. We believe God ordained African slavery. We believe God makes Europeans superior to Africans and superior to everybody else too.


It may also bring to mind the man who gave the prayer at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony, the man on whom President Obama just bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Reverend Joseph Lowry:


REV. JOSEPH LOWRY: And in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back; when brown can stick around; when yellow will be mellow; when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right.


No? Let’s try it again. Here’s more from Van Jones — again, to be fair, this is from his "ancient history catalogue" — this past March:


JONES: What about our immigrant sisters and brothers? What about our immigrant sisters and brothers? What about people who come here from all around the world who we’re willing to have out in the field, with poison being sprayed on them, poison being sprayed on them because we have the wrong agricultural system. And we’re willing to poison them and poison the earth to put food on our table, but we don’t want to give them rights and we don’t want to give them dignity and we don’t want to give them respect?


We don’t want to give them rights? We’re poisoning immigrants? Who is "we"? This was from an interview he did as head of the Ella Baker Center:


JONES: We’re really entering a third wave of environmentalism in the United States.

The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities.


Do you believe George Soros and his blogging minions that Van Jones just had a few "youthful indiscretions," but is now a fully converted capitalist? That he is qualified to make decisions at the highest levels of this government or at least to be involved in them? Or do you take Jones at his word, when he said: "I’m willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends."

Look, the president has tried to pass himself off as a guy who just sat in Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation theology church for 20 years and — first of all said he didn’t hear those things, then he did hear them, but he didn’t really notice. Then it was just that Jeremiah Wright was like a crazy old uncle.

So what is it this time? What is the excuse now for appointing the same type of radical to an influential position in our government? Is it that he didn’t vet these people? Or is it that the FBI didn’t do its job? I mean, we found all of this stuff, do you think the FBI or the president of the United States didn’t know?

The White House issued a statement last week when we asked if they were aware of Van Jones’ communist activities. Their response was that the green jobs special adviser is very narrowly focused on creating green jobs. As if that answers the question of why this guy is in our government — anywhere near our president?

When will America take off the rose-colored glasses and start seeing things for what they really are? I know it’s the hard truth. I know you don’t want to believe these things. But these statements by Van Jones are from this spring! No one will bring you this information — either because they’re afraid or because they think it doesn’t matter.

Am I the only American left who thinks this is important?

Let me just leave you with the words of Van Jones himself:


JONES: This movement is deeper than a solar panel! Deeper than a solar panel! Don’t stop there! Don’t stop there! We’re gonna change the whole system! We’re gonna change the whole thing. We want a new system. We want a new system!


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