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Second Video Shows ACORN Officials Helping ‘Pimp,’ ‘Prostitute’ in Washington Office

GLENN: All righty then. Here it is. By the way, I have something at the top of the hour that’s going to make your head pop. So if you don’t want your head popped, what you need to do is you need to — well, what you need to do is either get the duct tape and wrap your head so when it does pop, you’ll at least have all of the pieces or you need not to learn — you need not to listen because it’s — something is going to just boggle your mind, and it will tell you everything you need to know. And yet just another piece of evidence that this country is out of control. It is being run by thieves, thugs, and those with an agenda. But first let’s get to thieves, thugs and those with an agenda, ACORN, who are currently stealing money from you. Your taxpayer dollars going to fund ACORN. They have as much as $8.5 billion of stimulus cash available to them and yet nobody feels it’s important to report on this story. The only ones doing it, Fox News.

Do you know, can you run a LexisNexis search? Did ABC, CBS or NBC prime time run it? Nobody else has. As of this morning I heard that the LexisNexis search was zero. ACORN, federal money, caught red handed on tape with a hooker, somebody posing as a hooker and a pimp trying to play — just play the — well, you know what? Don’t need to play the highlight of today. They will see if they can do it. Last night ACORN fired the two people involved in the tape that we brought you yesterday.

PAT: But wait. It was false and defamatory.

GLENN: I know. But they decided to fire them anyway. So they fired them yesterday in Baltimore.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: They then released the statement that it was false and defamatory and these people will have tried this in other cities and failed. Really? You decide if it was a failure when they tried it in Washington, D.C. Here it is. Again Hannah and James undercover, pimp and a hooker in Washington, D.C.

PAT: Washington, D.C.

(Audio plays)

PAT: She’s going to explain it here coming up. Apparently there’s no trouble that’s too great for ACORN to overcome.

GLENN: But did you notice, though, these guys are a little more professional.

PAT: Yeah, they are. Yeah, they are.

GLENN: This is the nation’s capitol after all. This is Washington, D.C. You are not just walking into — you know, you are not walking into Hicksville.

PAT: No, no.

GLENN: You are walking into the nation’s capitol. They are a little more buttoned up, which is probably not the right term to use when we’re seeing them help prostitution, but —

STU: Unbuttoned up.

GLENN: They are a little more unbuttoned up.

STU: You have to like the — that they’re problem solvers, though.

PAT: They are.

STU: And you have to love Hannah that America is based on goods and services. That’s a great line.

PAT: She’s got the goods and she provides a service. So —

GLENN: You know what? This is what I almost asked last night. Do you watch the news as entertainment or do you watch the news to expose and to see what’s going on and to figure things out? This is an extraordinarily entertaining video, really is. I mean, these guys are — it is amazing. But let’s not forget two people lost their job, thrown under the bus yet again by ACORN. They will never — these are white slave owners. It’s the Rathke brothers. They have started this long ago. They will keep people enslaved. They will — how many people have gone to jail now? How many — what was it, 40,000 fake registrations have just been uncovered yet again? Another, what, 11 or 14, I forget how many indictments, how many people have pleaded guilty. They don’t care. They don’t care about these people. They’ve created a system of corruption and they’ve created a system to where they can get away with damn near anything, and they’re using your tax dollars to do it.

Today — yesterday Baltimore, Maryland. Today Washington D.C., the nation’s capital. ACORN helping nefarious illegal activities yet again. Do you think maybe — here we are, Day Number 2, Tape Number 2. Do you think the mainstream media will cover it yet again? This video is going to be released here in about 15, 20 minutes. You’ll see it most likely on because nobody else is doing it. It’s also available at It will be available I think at 11:00. You want to see it? You want to read it? You want to find out more about it? You want to see the entire transcripts? Do it at And then you ask yourself, why? Why is the mainstream media not covering this? Why? They’re not covering it, but they are covering something. Is it possible they’re just helping covering tracks?