Glenn on Time Magazine’s Cover

Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck Bad for America?

GLENN: You know, these articles are coming you know what’s amazing to me is while Time magazine put me on the cover of Time magazine, do we have can you bring up on one of my screens here? Stu, I don’t know which screen you can control in here. But on one of the screens can you bring up the cover of Time magazine?

STU: Yeah, it will take me a second, but yeah.

GLENN: The new Time magazine, they talk about how I’m just, I’m fearful of everything and I’m just, I’m creating all of these fears and these worries, and I also, I’m almost conspiratorial in nature. Did you read the article yet?

PAT: I haven’t read it yet, uh uh.

GLENN: It’s amazing. It’s absolutely amazing. Okay, so hang on. He’s bringing up the cover. Have you seen the cover yet?

PAT: Yeah, I saw the cover.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: There it is.

GLENN: So there it is. At the bottom scroll up just a little bit so it has my face on it and then it says, mad man. Glenn Beck, the angry style of American politics. Okay. I think it’s a fair article, I really do. But notice I’m a mad man and notice when you read it there is this whole idea that I’m stoking the fears of people. Could you please read the other stories included in Time magazine at the top, Pat? Can you see them?

PAT: Let’s see. (Laughing).

GLENN: This is great. Remember, I’m the one that’s stoking the fears.

PAT: Flu phobia, how fear goes viral and what you can do. The meltdown one year later, why the system…

GLENN: Is still broken.

PAT: Is still broken? Why the system is still broken.

GLENN: Is still broken. Listen.

PAT: And Masonic order, decoding Dan Brown’s latest.

GLENN: Okay. In the article about me it references the Masonic, you know, it’s almost like it’s Mason like, you know, he’s always finding things. Okay. So what they have, two stories about why you should be afraid… and decoding Dan Brown’s latest book.

STU: About the masons.

GLENN: He is just insane. The hypocrisy is insane. Oh, and by the way, part of the article is about how much money that, you know, Beck, Inc. as they call, how they call it, how much money it makes. Okay. Great. Do they mention how much money we give? Do they mention that we match charitable giving for the employees? Do they mention the benefits of healthcare that this company gives? Do they mention any of that? No, of course they don’t. Of course they don’t because it doesn’t fit, doesn’t fit in someone’s agenda. No one has yet done that story. Because it shows, wait a minute, I thought he was a greedy capitalist. And by the way, it talks about am I just making money and gaining riches off of pointing out people and saying, this guy’s bad, this guy’s bad. May I ask, did Time magazine put my face on the cover as an anticapitalist move?

STU: They didn’t want to sell any issues.

GLENN: They don’t want to sell any issues of Time magazine? Is that because I’m not sure how that’s not going to I mean, I would think that hurts them. But I have a feeling they don’t think so. And by the way, again the difference between the left and the right, I’m mad, mad man and how the angry, you know, the angry right, blah, blah blah, blah blah. I can’t believe this. Such a weird life. There is the on the cover of news max magazine which I read on the magazine which I read on the airplane yesterday. Gosh, thank you, Newsmax. What an in depth article and a fair article. Thank you. Look, okay. So I’m madman in time. Could you read the article in Newsmax?

STU: Just a Happy Warrior?

GLENN: The Happy Warrior.

PAT: Slightly different spin. Slights different.

GLENN: So now which is it? Am I happy or am I angry? Are you happy or are you angry? I contend we’re a little pissed off. Yeah. Because we feel our country is being stolen. But that doesn’t make us we’re not angry. We’re not all dressed in black like almost everybody in New York. We’re happy still. We’re happy. We’re just not going to take it anymore.