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Indoctrination? Actually, the progressives are starting much younger these days…there is a video being played in schools all across America — that lays out the ‘story of stuff’ a loving, anti-capitalist tale that unfortunately has virtually no facts correct. Visit THIS site to watch the video (if you can stomach the entire thing) — when you are done, check out this thorough debunking of the video, in which the commentator investigates the footnotes used in the ‘story of stuff’ video.

Story of Stuff, The Critique Part 1 of 4


Story of Stuff, The Critique Part 2 of 4


Story of Stuff, The Critique Part 3 of 4


Story of Stuff, The Critique Part 4 of 4

  • Sun Ho Jung

    You are fugly curseeee!!! you piggg

  • Najis Kafir

    1)“This is not true.”
    Then you proceed to mention disparate solitary examples which in your opinion are proofs that the United States is inefficient. Nuclear reactors in Europe power your tram-topia, you’re correct, that is efficient. Your petrol prices are high because you import most of your oil and your bloated inefficient government is taxing the fuel at a very high rate, this is inefficient.

    2)“First of all “the rest of the world” it is not in the consumers’,
    farmers’, foresters’ miner’s interest, so lets not pretend it is.”

    Really? It’s not in my interest to have the rest of the world raise their living standards and rise out of the poverty of inefficient trade networks?

    BTW, Trees and Fisheries are renewable resources. Whatever

    Us overexploiting the nutrients of our land and the land of others to
    make a couple extra bucks is not helping us or “the rest of the world”

    Weren’t you listening? We are only scratching the surface. Did you know that oil is probably produced in the crust and it is renewable as well?

    Overfarming leads to the decrease in nutrients in the land which leads to a decrease in water>>dust bowl anyone?
    Well, thanks to increased CO2 in the atmosphere all vegetation on earth is growing faster with less water. Modern farming techniques ensure soil is properly cared for and full of nutrients. The Amazon is growing back faster than expected. Deserts are shrinking. Food is so plentiful that we are burning it as ethanol.

    Why don’t we just worry about feeding ourselves-after all, if the
    government’s job is not to take care of its people, it is certainly not
    our job to take care of other people.

    You should WANT to do good things for other people JUST BECAUSE you are doing that good thing. It benefits society when Charity is Voluntary. It is not a ‘Job’. Self-Interest INCLUDES Good Will towards Neighbors.

    3)This is a metaphor for all habitats that become changed or worse, demolished
    Climate changes, things fall apart. The world has been explored. Your continued racism of lowered expectations (poor widdle tribey) is noted.

    4)Weep for Gaia!

    5)Property belongs to the group that can defend it.
    Your love for Gaia is profound. I’ll bet you profess to be an Atheist.

    I’ll bet that you fully believe in the ‘one child policy’ for all humans (except poor little tribes) to save the earth.

  • Lastly Firstie

    Leonard has done her homework, and knows her “stuff.” Sadly, this guy has not, as he has no experience in these fields whatsoever. The only was to combat someone who knows far more than you do, is to nit-pick a single argument in a attempt to make the whole book sound bad; this is a mark of insecurity, and stupidity, as you cannot go point to point to refute the evidence – its these kind of arguments that undermine science, and hinder more than help. 

  • Nathanael Roy

    The story of stuff is quite polemic, but frankly these videos are indoctrination from the far right just as the story of stuff is far left. However, even with the gross oversimplifications it is an ok jumping off point. For much more true science I’d suggest crash course ecology, crash course is a channel on youtube with series that were started to be used for supplementary material to study in AP classes.

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