Is this group saying a prayer to Barack Obama? Glenn is skeptical. Are they saying “Obama” or “Oh God?” Are they praising the president or just mocking religion? Turn up the volume and see what you hear. (Unless you’re at work, where you would look a little nuts.)

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UPDATE: Gamaliel foundation responds

On December 4, 2008, 500 leaders from 35 interfaith organizations from across the United States led a New Orleans style funeral march to the Washington offices of UnitedHealthcare to demonstrate the need for comprehensive healthcare reform that provides medical coverage for every American citizen.

At that demonstration, several members representing Gamaliel Foundation affiliates spoke. Below are excerpts of what was said:

"We are here because we are upset at the rising cost of healthcare, and the outrageous profits made by insurance executives. These profits are being used to hire an army of lobbyists and lawyers whose sole job it is to prevent any meaningful reform of our system," said Rev. Dennis Jacobson, pastor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and leader of the Gamaliel network of community organizations. "

"UnitedHealthcare is the worst among many offenders,” said Dr. Clementina Ceria-Ulep, acting Dean of the University of Hawaii School of Nursing. "Their need to deliver to share holders is taking the love and care out of the system, at the same time it sucks up money that would otherwise be used to pay for services, procedures, doctors and nurses."

"While UnitedHealthcare is a particularly bad company, it is also symptomatic of why we can’t seem to get healthcare reform in America,” said Cate Poe of Long Island. “For decades, healthcare reform has been stopped dead in its tracks by lobbyists and contributions to our elected officials from the insurance industry. This time it is going to be different.”

As a faith-based organization, it is customary for Gamaliel Foundation affiliates to begin and end every action with prayer. At no time, however, have we prayed to President Barack Obama. In the form of call and response, those who took part in the UnitedHealthcare action can be heard saying, “Hear our cry oh God,” “Deliver us oh God,” etc.

It is obvious that those who took the time to distort our sincere action for healthcare reform, by posting their own edited version on the Internet, are against what we believe is a fundamental right. It is also obvious that those who are against healthcare reform will stoop to any level to stop what Dr. Martin Luther King called, one of the greatest forms of inequality.

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