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GLENN: The progressive movement is the lunatic fringe of the left. It is the home of everything that you despise. It is the home of income tax. It is the home of prohibition. It is the home of the Fed. What else can I give?


GLENN: Every single department, from the department of the interior to the FDA to the department, everything, all of this stuff is a progressive idea. The UN is also progressive. It is the idea that people cause the problem and if we could just get the little people to just stop, government could solve the problem. It is the idea that life is just too complex for the little people to understand. You want to read the most evil book I’ve ever read, I’ve read Mein Kampf. Evil? You bet. Scary? You bet. I want you to read the Phantom Public by Walter Lippmann. It is a book published I think in 1923. I have an original copy that I read, and it’s the, it was the book that I put down. And I said to my wife, I can’t read this stuff anymore, I just can’t do it. I can’t continue to read about the progressive movement because it’s evil. Walter Lippmann worked for CBS. I think he ran CBS for a while. You want to talk about evil, people are just too stupid. We just need the media to teach them what to do. We’ll just get with the political elites and the professors and then we’ll have the media be taught by the political elite and then we’ll just spoon feed it to the masses. That’s the idea. And if the masses don’t get it, there’s got to be some genetic way we can engineer better citizens. I’m not making this up. That’s really what they thought. Evil. This is the root of the progressive movement. So if you want to say that you’re a progressive because it stands for progress, you’re wrong. It’s Marxist. It’s as evil as Marx. And if you don’t think Marx was evil, then you haven’t done enough history. You’ve been listening to your professors. Marx said necessarily that 10% of the population would need to be liquidated for a revolution to be able to take hold. Well, the progressives thought that was just crazy, sure, that was nuts. That’s why they’re not Marxists. They’re not socialists. They’re not communists. I’ve been trying to figure out what the difference is. I had to go back and read their own arguments from the turn of the century. Their argument was that Marx called for a revolution. Communists wanted a revolution. Think of this. Put this into perspective of the 1960s. What were people clamoring for? These Marxists were revolutionaries and they said we’re going to have a revolution. No, we’re not, no.

Turn of the century? The progressives learned the same things that Cloward and Piven taught the Sixties revolutionaries. We’ll have an evolution. It’s where the Constitution went awry. It’s a living document. It can just change as we go. Not by changing the Constitution the right way. Just by reinterpreting it. Just by looking at it, no longer looking at the Federalist Papers, no longer looking to the words of James Madison who made the notes during the Constitutional Convention, no longer looking at the original intent of the Constitution. Instead looking at case law. It was the progressive movement in the 1920s that cut off all looking back at original intent at Harvard University, a professor a progressive became the head of the law school and they said, you know what, start on case law. No longer original intent. Let’s look at the evolving law. Evolution, not revolution. That’s how we got here. But they are radicals that have put people in prison. Woodrow Wilson did, anybody who dissented. They are radicals that engage in propaganda. Walter Lippmann was part of that during Woodrow Wilson. Goebbels said he learned it from Wilson. They are people that have supported dictators. If they say they are not supporting dictators, "Oh, that’s ridiculous. We don’t support dictators." Look at their history. They supported Mussolini, they supported Hitler at the very beginning, they supported Stalin. Many of them still support Stalin. They are currently supporting Castro. They are currently supporting Chavez. If they support Chavez and Castro, why is it so unlikely that they supported Benito Mussolini? Same guy, different era. One’s been exposed as a brutal killer. The others have yet to fully be exposed.

So it’s the same thing over and over and over and over again with these people, and we cannot allow them to crawl under another rock and subvert the Constitution through evolution anymore. It is time to expose them. And either agree with them and say, yes, that’s what America needs to be, a socialist progressive state. Or expose it and exterminate. Exterminate the thought of the progressive movement. Don’t allow it to fester anymore. It doesn’t mean that you have to chase it out of thought because I’m not somebody who says burn books. I’m not saying, I don’t believe shut up and sit down. I don’t believe that. I believe tell the truth. And sunlight is the best disinfectant. You don’t need to run these people out. All you have to do is open up the curtains and expose them for who they are. It disinfects. It exterminates the ideas right there because then what did Hitler do? Why is it important that we remember the Holocaust? Why? Because if we remember, it doesn’t allow it to grow again. That’s why the theme of this show, as you just heard, is we will be the key; remember who we are.