GLENN: You know, I told you last week that there is a great history book out, A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’ Great Discovery to the War on Terror, and it is, I don’t know, five, six years old and I found it from Larry Schwartzkopf, a guy who was   or not Schwartzkopf but Schweikart, Larry Schweikart who is a guy who has been on the show a couple of times. And I started reading it and I just love it. I think it’s a must read for every American. But I was looking, I was checking last night on I was looking to see how it was doing because I’m thrilled. I mean, this is the little history book that could. You know, I don’t get a dime off it. There’s no profit for me in any way, shape or form. I just love to see people who have toiled their whole life and everybody bashed them and then they do good.

Well, here’s a review that I found on And by the way, the book is now number one on And it says, at first I must point out I’m a 30 year critic of American academia, especially departments of humanities, arts and sciences. I’m a former dual Ph.D. candidate in left academia in 1980 and never looked back. I battled political correctness before it had a name. He goes in to talk about how there are some good college professors and a lot of really bad ones. But most of them don’t have any real courage. He says, believe me, it took courage to publish Patriot’s History. The authors will get much grief from many other academic historians for daring to write a real critique of American history writing. Other professors who agree with authors who will choose to be silent, and a few of them may even criticize A Patriot’s History in a vain attempt to be less hated by the left liberal academics they must interact with on campus. I highly recommend that all literate or educated people read this book. It will balance your image of our past that you were most likely force fed. I strongly advise that you pay no attention to those who trash this book or its authors. Keep in mind when you read history this is so well stated. Keep in mind that when you read history, you do not read scientific data about the past. That is impossible. What you read is a writing based on written documents. A lot of judgment calls and opinion go into writing any history. The less broadly educated the author, the less value will be to the author’s attempt to reconstruct the past. Too many academic historians today never even try to reconstruct the past, which is supposed to be the historian’s elusive craft. They let you think that this is what they try to do but too many of them just use written documents and are highly dense or very smooth prose to support the personal history writing or ideology, which means most of it is penned by academics and is not worth reading. No one, for instance, should be awarded a Ph.D. in American history who doesn’t have a firm grasp on world history. A decent start in yada, yada, yada. I do not suggest that the Patriot’s History is a perfect book or it contains the whole truth. But then again neither do the authors.

That is probably the best review, that would make me buy this book. Because you are not saying you can’t. You are not saying this is the ultimate book, this is the ultimate history. This is exactly right. The best thing about it is you will learn stuff in history you never even knew existed, never knew existed. It’s easy to read. And I mean this. It should be a must read for your family. The Five Thousand Year Leap and a Patriot’s History. A must read. The Real George Washington, The Real Thomas Jefferson, The Real Ben Franklin, A Patriot’s History. A Five Thousand the Five Thousand Year Leap, a must read: Just open up the mind a little bit. Put some things in there that you haven’t seen before.

All right, we’ll see you tonight at 5:00 as history is written yet another day, we’ll try to correct the errors of the media history writers at 5:00 today on the Fox News Channel. We’ll see you then.


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