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GLENN: There’s a Pew study out today, the Pew Commission called Red Ink Rising: A Call to Action to Stem the Mounting Federal Deb. This is, you know, the committee for a responsible federal budget. This is pretty frightening stuff. The looming fiscal crisis and the federal debt and the I mean, it goes on. It’s, I don’t even know how many pages this thing is. It’s 30 pages. And basically what it says is even if we come out of the recession, it may not matter. And it won’t matter for very long because you’ve got total destruction of wealth coming. Our children are going to be enslaved by what we are doing right now. It is the Cloward and Piven strategy. It’s the final phase of the Cloward Piven strategy, which is collapse the system. When you collapse the system, what are you going to run to? Well, Cloward and Piven, they figured it out that you have to have the structure in place. You have to have something that the system collapses into and that’s what we’re building right now.

You know I said this on the air last night on television, I think it was, at least I was thinking it, that, do you remember if you are a radio listener of mine, do you remember when I was saying to you, when I first said they’re going to come for a bailout of the banks. I think we were on that before it was announced because of some of my connections. I had a, who I’ve referred to now for years as deep throat call me and say bailout is coming. He said it’s the only way, Glenn. Otherwise this thing flies into the side of a mountain. He had been walking from the Fed building, treasury building in Lower Manhattan the night before he got home and he called me. He had met with everyone from the Fed and the treasury and he said, I walked down the street and he said, I’m just looking at all the faces of the cars that are driving by me. And he said, they had no idea, nobody has any idea what’s coming. He said, we need time. We need time so people can wake up and be prepared. I said, I’m trying to wake people up. Well, that’s why the TARP idea, before it was named TARP or the bailout, before they put it into politics, before they actually started saying what it was, that’s why I was for it. But that’s not what it turned into. That’s why in three or four days I was against it. Because I realized they are not going to use this. They are going to use this time to say and this money to say, see, we fixed it. And they haven’t. They have only bought us time. Now, those who know, what are they doing? They are fundamentally transforming our system. That’s what they’re doing. They’re putting things in place so when it does collapse, they will be there.

Now, have we done that? Have we done that ourselves in our own life, that when things collapse, do we have to run to someone? I told you, was it Monday? Is it Thursday today already? My gosh. Monday I told you on this program that I had heard from an adviser friend of mine, and he is not a guy who has ever said, Glenn, you’re on the money, Glenn, you’re he’s a very measured man. Very well respected. Has advised presidents on both sides of the aisle. He’s a he is a very respected, measured individual. He said, Glenn, look at history. There’s a window of opportunity. And the very bad guys and the very good guys are going to use this time period right now. I can feel it that it is true and I think you can feel it as well. We are the fringes are going to become more and more important, and the fringes on the left and the right need to be avoided. We need to watch carefully the fringes.