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Don’t judge Beck by his cover

GLENN: Down on the picture of the day on the website at there is a, America, I apologize. You’ve got to be so sick of me. USA Today Weekend, the big, you know, like Parade magazine has me on the cover: Ten things you never thought you’d hear from Glenn Beck. In fact, I read it and there are like four things in there I never thought I’d hear from Glenn Beck because I don’t think I said them.

PAT: Yeah, there’s four things we haven’t heard from Glenn Beck. And so

GLENN: Did you did you find four? Because

PAT: Well, I know at least the Reagan thing, which is bizarre. What?

GLENN: Totally bizarre.

PAT: When did you say Reagan wasn’t even a Republican? I don’t remember that.

GLENN: I have no idea.

STU: I guess he was saying something like, you know, he really cared about principles over parties although, you know, he definitely they

GLENN: But I don’t think that’s the way it was written. I mean, it was written in a way that I was like, yeah, I mean, we had a couple of things in common, but I don’t even think he was a Republican. What?

PAT: What?

GLENN: Reagan was the only one in the last hundred years. Just think about that. Really I think he was the last one in maybe no, no, no. Coolidge.

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: Have to go back to Coolidge. He was the only one that didn’t have real progressive roots in him. So, you know, I don’t know what they I don’t know what context that was said in or anything, but it wasn’t the way it was printed.

STU: At least not how you meant it if it was said.

GLENN: No. And then it also talked about how I put fluorescent light bulbs in my house? No, I bought my house with fluorescent light bulbs. I took them all out.

STU: (Laughing).

PAT: The CFLs, the compact fluorescent?

GLENN: Yeah, there’s no way I put those fluorescent light bulbs in my house. I hate them. And then there was something else that was weird in it that, you know, ten things that you never thought you’d hear from Glenn Beck.

STU: Yeah, interesting read anyway. There was a lot of good stuff in there.

PAT: Yeah, I thought it was really good.

GLENN: The only photos of my children that I think have been in anything in I don’t know how long.

STU: Yeah, you usually have them in Michael Jackson kid masks.

GLENN: Yeah. But it’s one of my favorite pictures. One of my favorite pictures of me and the kids and because you can’t see their faces, I allowed it to be printed. But it’s

STU: Why do you keep talking over Michael?

GLENN: Hmmm?

STU: Michael’s trying to speak here and you keep trying

GLENN: Because I’m trying to avoid him talking about my children as Michael Jackson.

STU: That’s a very good point. You really are thinking, aren’t you?

GLENN: I’m a good dad. I’m a good dad.

PAT: Raphe would have enjoyed the juice, the juicy juice that we served, he would have enjoyed that. What kind of freak would not want their child to come over? I love the children.

GLENN: I think everybody. Everybody, yeah.

PAT: That’s horrifying.