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  • Walt Thiessen

    I can assure you that the quiz is not rigged. I wrote it. Instead, what’s happening here is that what you are associating as conservative positions are actually libertarian positions. This is not an uncommon mistake to make, since “conservative” is used by many people to represent a wide range of viewpoints from very pro-freedom to very anti-freedom.

    You can see at which answers are the conservative answers. Study them, and you’ll notice that they’re not really closer to the libertarian answers than they are to the statist answers.

    The survey answers represent and summarize those answers given on the various topics by actual leading conservative politicians and thinkers.

    No survey offering just four answers to every topic/question can possibly and perfectly represent all viewpoints, and this series of 10 questions is no different. Instead, what the survey accurately does is to represent each of the four camps as accurately as possible in a way that distinguishes each camp from the others as much as possible.

    At some point, we plan to add a fifth, centrist answer to each set of answers, but that’s a back-burner project at this point.

  • Anonymous

    I thought I was a conservative libertarian but the quiz says I’m a centrist with liberal leanings….lol….

  • Anonymous

    The test seems to be exceptionally fair and accurate.   Says I am liberal with very libertarian leanings….pretty accurate in the current climate.  I was a centrist, but everybody shifted to the right over the last decade or so (and i stayed still).

    • James F

      With polls indicating a national backlash against Obama and his political agenda (nanny- and welfare-state), it is understandable how from a left-leaning perspective you could perceive a right-ward shift in societal attitudes.  However, it would actually be more accurate to assess the backlash taking place as a direct reaction to the sudden leftward shift which American politics has taken since Obama was elected.  So really, the quiz’s assessment that you are “liberal” is likely a much more objective reflection of your own political viewpoint.  Liberals like to rebrand themselves as “centrists” in order to artificially make conservatives seem “radical” because of the apparent divide between normal every-day conservatives and the newly branded “centrists” (i.e. liberals).  In truth, during the 2012 Presidential Election, Romney actually won over a majority of the “Independents” and he was considered a very “moderate” Republican.  Therefore, what you have attempted to define as “centrist” politics actually leans a bit more towards the right than you estimated.

  • Antonio TopDog

    I always have called myself a conservative, however, after taking the quiz it shows I am a Libertarian right leaning toward Conservative. Interesting :)

  • Antonio TopDog

    My wife just took the quiz & she is the same as me.

  • James F

    My result was right on the line between conservative and libertarian, farthest away from “liberal” and “statist” as possible. 😉

  • Beautiful Generation

    Um, and here I thought I was a hardcore liberal. According to this I’m a centrist. Might be due to all the conservative political books I’ve been reading. Go figure.

  • Benjamin Levy

    I THOUGHT I was a conservative. Apparently not. According to this, I’m a centrist waxing libertarian. One thing for sure – I fully support the libertarians’ calls for SERIOUS spending cuts and to start paying back our debt ($17 trillion, and the way it looks, another $5 trillion or so in the next decade.)

  • Ronnie

    I’ve always regarded myself as a steadfast conservative. The quiz declares me a ‘libertarian’ (but still close to the conservative section of the pie). I’m not overly surprised, though, because I’m aware that, over the past 2-3 years, I’ve somewhat gravitated toward many libertarian positions. Maybe, I’m a libertarian conservative. :)

  • tidus1991

    I’m a conservative! :)

  • Lewis Finley

    Conservative centrist statist cusp

  • playspade

    I don’t always agree with beck, especially on the conspiracy theories. Some of them were just common knowledge, like internet spying, but beck is a good guy with a big heart. I don’t care what liberals say about you. I, myself am a libertarian leaning liberal. I believe in national defense and world support. I am pro gun and pro sanity. Both sides can agree and get people help. The bulk of government spending should be toward the constitutional “general welfare” of the people. Millennial know this and support government helping people. Some things like education should be privatized once children can read. Healthcare as agreed by the world’s healthiest countries should be ran by government, not insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Supporting innovation is another issue, well within constitutional means. these companies, although they do have a stake, should let the common good take precedent. I think conservatives mean well, but get lost and end up sounding like rich bigots. Your test said I’m a centrist. I know who I am. I am a millennial Iraqi war veteran raised in the south, in poverty. By the grace of god, I read and write better than my parents and school could provide. God made me self driven. I am currently studying marketing online. Without anyone’s help, I can make ideas that people get behind and enthusiastic about. That’s what’s missing in government; agreement, representation of the common good, a self-determined honesty that has nothing to do with lobbying or a church. This country was founded during the scientific revolution and inspired by Thomas Paine. We have welcomed immigrants here to improve their lives. We’ve reached out to these citizens to become legitimate. Let’s use our innovation, good heart and honesty to stop well-meaning people from going undocumented and help them. No other country has these half way citizens. Republicans should go back to what people love about conservatives, a good heart and good business sense. Sadly across the country that’s not how they are governing.

  • Dino Gutierrez

    It said i was libertarian, I always thought i was a constitutionalist maybe that is confused with libertarian

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