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GLENN: Let me go to the audio of Andy Stern now. Andy Stern is the guy from SEIU. Let me play now the audio of his plan of what America looks like. And I ask every single union member to ask yourself the question. When you’re listening to him, is this the America that I understand.

STERN: We created global trade, we created global finance. We created global companies, but we forgot to create a global government.

GLENN: Stop!

PAT: Oh, darn it.

GLENN: Got it? Global government. We’ve created all this stuff but not global government.

STU: We forgot.

GLENN: Yeah, we forgot that. Are you into global government union members, are you into global government? Because that’s what’s coming. Because the unions need to have a global government to be able to have global employees.

STERN: or global regulators as (inaudible) is talking about now. I happened to be at Davos and I say they are going to rename this year’s Davos as the revenge of the countries over the companies. Because all of a sudden we realized we let Global Capitalism run amok and reap global regulation and today we began the process in London of actually putting in place those regulations. So

GLENN: Stop for a second. Do you believe that companies are evil and bad? I believe that companies can be bad but I don’t think Microsoft is bad, I don’t think Google has been bad. Gosh, I don’t even think that General Motors was bad when it was promoting jobs and building great cars, I don’t think that was bad. May have done bad things. I don’t think Wal Mart is bad, do you? Companies are bad.

PAT: You know who is? ExxonMobil.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: Shell.

GLENN: They have only been powering the world.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: That’s all they have been doing

PAT: Yeah. But with oil.

GLENN: is making sure that we don’t live in the stone age.

PAT: With oil, Glenn.

GLENN: I know. It’s awful.

STERN: We have a new metric. The president says he wants to judge the new economy, whether it increases the number of people in the middle class, whether we have shared prosperity, not just whether we have growth, which is

GLENN: Stop. Got it? We have a new metric. Do we have shared prosperity? You are right, that is a new metric. We’ve never had that metric before. Had it in the Soviet Union but not here.

STERN: that we’ve seen in the country of today.


STERN: Now, how do we distribute wealth in the country? And this is sort of my last big point. And clearly government has a major opportunity to distribute wealth.

GLENN: Sure, to distribute wealth.

STERN: Through tax policies, through minimum wages, through living wages, the government has a role

GLENN: Hmmm, living wages.

STERN: in distributing wealth or social benefits like Medicare, Medicaid, certain health insurance.

GLENN: There you go. A global government that distributes wealth and a new metric. Who’s in the middle class? That’s fantastic. I mean, it’s awfully darn Lenin of them, maybe Mao, touch of Marx. All coming soon, just a little bit of Stalin. But I don’t hear James Madison there. I don’t hear comes Jefferson. I don’t hear George Washington. I don’t hear Ben Franklin? Does anyone? Is this the country we are? Because these are the people that are controlling healthcare. These are the people that have written the healthcare plans. If you think that tomorrow the president is going to come out and say, "Hey, I got something really great, you guys are going to love it, and it’s got tort reform," if you don’t think it has some of this new metric to it, you are fooling yourself.