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GLENN: Senator Jim DeMint, one of the good guys in Washington. He wrote an op ed piece for the Washington Times. The White House Land Grab. Jim, can you explain this real quick?

SENATOR DeMINT: Yes, I can. While the president has us looking at the healthcare issue, he’s doing a lot of things with his agencies that are very disturbing, regulating the net, the EPA is expanding its control on businesses, and it appears from the elite letter from the interior department that they are looking at over 10 million acres in Western states to take control of and under some environmental rule and stop the mining, stop the energy development, forestry, ranching, which is just a big land grab. So it’s another example of the administration just reaching out trying to control more and more of our country. And so we’re just trying to expose it so hopefully they know if they really do it that Americans won’t be in the dark about it.

GLENN: What do you think about Utah going for eminent domain? Because the United States government has grabbed 60% of all land in Utah.


GLENN: 60.

SENATOR DeMINT: And the tax revenues, the local property taxes, business revenues and things that pay for schools and roads in a lot of local communities completely dries up when we do that. And I think if states don’t push back and start filing suit and taking things to the Supreme Court, the federal government’s going to continue just to run roughshod over the rights of Americans. So we really need states to stand up and push back.

GLENN: I would love to have you and maybe the governor of Utah. What is his name? Herbert, right? Do you remember, Pat? He’s I’ve met him a couple of times.

PAT: I have, too, nice man. Good guy.

GLENN: Really, really nice guy. I think he’s an honest guy.

PAT: He is pretty conservative, too.

GLENN: He is. I think he gets it. Not going to be pushed around. But I’d love to have you and this document and maybe the governor on, you know, in my studio in Washington. Maybe spending an hour on the rights of the states with the land.


GLENN: It’s staggering what they are doing.

SENATOR DeMINT: Well, the federal government owns nearly a third of the land mass in this country today and when they take all of that off line as far as energy development, mining, forestry, ranching, even recreation.

GLENN: Do you remember when they went and they grabbed the land for the wild horses? Do you remember that?


GLENN: Okay. Do you know? I don’t know if you know this. We did a research project and we overlay the wild horse property with the shale property. It’s amazing how they line up.

SENATOR DeMINT: It is. And this is really the radical environmental lawyers who are trying to get in the mix here. It’s not about the environment and the, all of the species they named in this letter are not endangered, just lizards and range chickens and things. They are not being hurt by current development so what’s going to happen if we don’t bring these kind of things to the attention of the people is the president will just show up someday in Utah or Colorado and sign this thing and suddenly 10 million acres are in the control of the federal government.

GLENN: Yeah. But no, but the chickens will be free to roam around.

SENATOR DeMINT: They might not have as much to eat if people aren’t

GLENN: Believe me, they will be eating us soon. Senator Jim DeMint, you keep it up.

SENATOR DeMINT: Thanks, Glenn, thanks for what you do.

GLENN: You bet, bye bye. Jim DeMint, one of the good guys. I think there’s a difference between him and Nancy Pelosi.

PAT: What about Harry Reid? There’s no difference between Jim DeMint and Harry Reid. There’s no difference between Jim DeMint and John Kerry.

STU: I couldn’t detect anything, except for the slide backs, you couldn’t tell the difference between Kerry and him.