1) What am I getting with Insider Extreme that I am not getting with the basic Insider subscription?

• Beck TV: a 6-camera broadcast quality video stream of the radio program

• Extra 4th hour of the radio program featuring Stu and Pat

• Exclusive documentaries and specials seen nowhere else

• Online access to FUSION magazine content

• Behind the scenes video exclusives

Remember: Insider Extreme subscribers have access to all basic Insider features and content.

Learn more about Insider Extreme features here.

2) How much does Insider Extreme cost?

1 month-$9.95

6 months-$44.95 ($7.49/month)

12 months-$74.95 ($6.25/month)

3) I am already an Insider. How do I go about upgrading to Insider Extreme?

When you log into your Insider account it will give you the option to upgrade to Insider Extreme. To upgrade an existing Insider subscription you will pay the difference in price for the days remaining on your account. When your account renews, you will renew at Insider Extreme terms and values.

4) I just renewed my Insider subscription, but want to subscribe to Insider Extreme. What do I do now?

No need to worry! You can still subscribe to Insider Extreme. You can upgrade your existing Insider subscription to Insider Extreme and you will only pay the difference in price for the days remaining on your subscription.

5) Will my renewal days change if I upgrade to Insider Extreme?

No. Your renewal date will stay the same when you upgrade. You’ll be charged the difference in price for days remaining on your current term. You will then be renewed on your current schedule at the Insider Extreme terms and values. Also, you will continue to receive an email reminder prior to your auto- renewal.

6) Do you offer gift subscriptions?

Currently, gift subscriptions for the Insider and Insider Extreme are not available. We will be offering these at a later time.

7) How will I access the Fusion content included with my Insider Extreme subscription?

Insider Extreme subscribers will have online access to Fusion articles. These will be posted for you to view via links on the Insider Extreme homepage. It will be updated with the release of each new issue. Please note that Insider Extreme and Fusion are two separate subscriptions. You will continue to receive, and be billed for, your print or digital Fusion subscription until you request a cancellation.

8) I’ve decided that the Insider Extreme is not for me and I prefer the basic Insider. Can I change my subscription?

We do offer the ability for you to downgrade your subscription from Insider Extreme to the basic Insider. Downgrades will take place at the end of your term, and you will then be renewed at Insider pricing with access to basic Insider features. You will continue to have access to Insider Extreme features until the end of your current term.

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