GLENN: What’s happening in Arizona is amazing to me because you had a riot in Arizona. In fact, play just some of the audio, please, from the sound. We’ll show you the pictures tonight.

PAT: Might want to start after they say F’ing racist. Start just

GLENN: Start that, yeah. All right, go ahead, Sarah. Play the this is just the sound of what was happening in Arizona over the weekend.

(Audio clip plays)

PAT: This is where some of the anti illegal immigration law protestors


PAT: Are throwing bottles at the police because they are trying to escort some white guy who is there in support of the law out so he wouldn’t be, you know, beaten or killed. They were afraid for his safety and they are trying to sort him out and so the protestors are throwing rocks and bottles at the police officers.

GLENN: Now, this sounds to me an awful lot like a tea party.

PAT: Oh, because of the

GLENN: Oh, no, it doesn’t.

PAT: The horrible violence?

GLENN: The only time that we have had violence in this country so far has been from the left.

PAT: That’s it. And you are not seeing this video over and over.

GLENN: Over and over again.

PAT: Ms. NBC on this? NBC, CBS, ABC?

GLENN: Anybody? Quite honestly where is Fox today on this? We have this audio because I asked for it yesterday to be fed to me from Phoenix. So where is this video? You want to talk about violence, here is the violence. You want to talk about protestors engaging in hate, here it is. You know, they always say that the tea parties, you know, they hate the government. We’re never throwing bottles at police officers. Never, not once. Never, not once. I don’t know a single tea party member that doesn’t like the police, that doesn’t trust the police. I don’t know a single person that has a problem with the Secret Service. I don’t know a single person that has a problem with the FBI. I do know people who have a problem with the people running the FBI. I know there are people that have problems with the head of the Department of Justice because it’s becoming the department of social justice. I do know people that have a problem with the people making decisions in New York. I don’t know anybody that has a problem with the border patrol. I do know people who have problems with the people running the border patrol. I’ve never thrown anything at a police officer, nor would I even think about it. Nor would I even think about it.

Play the audio again from Phoenix, Arizona. You’ll see the video tonight. Probably for the first time.

(Audio clip plays)

GLENN: Now, who is the racist? This guy who is standing up in favor who has to be escorted out by police, or those who are throwing things at him and the police. Calling him a racist. For what? For standing up for the rule of law? Do you see what’s happening? And by the way, Al Sharpton is now going down to Phoenix, Arizona. Al Sharpton.

PAT: That won’t stir things up at all.

GLENN: No, it won’t stir it up at all.

PAT: That won’t stir it up at all.

GLENN: No, no. They talk about I have to reduce my rhetoric because tensions are high, and I’m stirring things up. But Al Sharpton is now going to Phoenix, Arizona. I warn you, they are doing everything they can to make it seem as though this is the civil rights movement all over again. Everything is a civil right. There are no responsibilities in this country anymore. There’s not a responsibility to work, there’s not a responsibility to pay your taxes if you are the right person, there’s not a responsibility to do the right thing if you’re too big to fail, there’s not a responsibility to come here legally, if you’re the right minority. There’s not a there’s not equal justice. The tea party needs to change their tune. It’s not about high taxes. It’s not just about unsustainable spending. It is about equal justice. Equal justice. Not social or economic or ecological justice. Equal. Because that’s what’s happening to us. You want to talk about high taxes, why are the high taxes there? It’s not because of the unsustainable spending. Why is the unsustainable spending there? The unsustainable spending is there to spread the wealth, to take it from the wealthy and give it to the poor. It is called social and economic justice. If you correct social, economic and ecological justice and say those three terms as defined by the leaders in Washington are nonsense and they go against our Constitution, if you correct those three things, everything else will correct itself. Faith has become social justice. The government will make amends. The government will equalize your hardship. Only Jesus can do that. Hope, hope has been replaced by regulation. They will regulate fairness. They will regulate your way into hope. Not a problem, don’t worry. You don’t want another, you don’t want another failure? Let me tell you the story about economic failure. You see, the United States had just come out of a really bad failure, and the banks had started to fail. And the United States government actually failed. The United States government was on the gold standard. It was in the 1890s. We were on the gold standard. We didn’t have enough gold to be able to keep the doors open and so we had to borrow money. We had to borrow gold from J.P. Morgan. Well, people didn’t like that. People didn’t like that. Didn’t like being beholden to somebody like J.P. Morgan. And we had just come out of a bad depression in early 1890s. And then there was another one in, like, 1908. Well, it took a while, and it took a fearless leader like Woodrow Wilson to be able to say we’re going to stop all of these swings; it’s just too much. We should have some stability here. We’ve got to be able to make sure that these crashes never happen again. And so we invented the Federal Reserve to make sure that there were no more crashes. There was a crash in 1920. There was a crash in 1929. There was just a crash and there’s another crash coming. Regulation doesn’t work. Crashes, failures are a part of life. We have to just tell people that there are going to be crashes. You should save for a rainy day because we don’t all live in San Diego. And even people who live in San Diego will tell you sometimes it rains in San Diego; you should have an umbrella. Don’t buy a convertible, move to San Diego and then rip the soft top off because occasionally you are going to need the soft top. Now what they are trying to do is first they gave us the Federal Reserve. But that’s not enough. Now they need regulation for the entire globe. It is the cornerstone of the new world order. All you need is the finances. Once you have a global tax where is that global tax going? Where is all that money going? Who’s going to oversee that money? How are you going to spend it? How are you going to make sure it’s fair? Now there’s a new global tax. Well, once you have a global tax, you certainly need somebody to run it. And once you have a little global tax, surely you are going to need a little more global tax. Surely once you crack that door open, it’s not a problem. Just a little global regulation. Where are the people that understand the new world order? Where are the people that understand what was conspiracy theory is quickly becoming conspiracy fact? There is a global order being assembled. The first step to that is taxes and regulation done by people that you don’t they don’t answer to you. You think it’s bad now in Washington? You’ve got an election coming up in November. You put a global regulation and global tax; who do you vote out? Who answers to you? Who are we sending this money to? How do we get them out? How do we know if they’re corrupt? Who are they? And yet the Republicans and the Democrats are just willing to do it because there’s a bad guy, a boogeyman. We got to get that boogeyman. And global framework will be the only way to do it. Let’s put things in order. Let’s put things in order. Al Sharpton is going down. Al Sharpton is going down to make sure that you understand. And mark my words; it is coming. That what’s happening in Arizona, Jim Crow laws. What’s happening in Arizona is exactly what happened in the 1960s, in the civil rights movement. And I’ll show you the only reason why it’s happening, next.