Glenn Beck’s American Revival

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July 17th

Saturday 10a

Salt Lake City

EnergySolutions Arena

301 West South Temple

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Tickets on-sale for general public Friday, May 7th at 10a MT


What is Glenn Beck’s American Revival??

“Give up money, give up fame, give up science, give the earth itself and all it contains rather than do an immoral act. And never suppose that in any possible situation, or under any circumstances, it is best for you to do a dishonorable thing, however slightly so it may appear to you… From the practice of the purest virtue, you may be assured you will derive the most sublime comforts in every moment of life, and in the moment of death.”- Thomas Jefferson, 1785 Thomas Jefferson said a number of memorable things about the young country of America and what it truly meant to be an American, but the above sentiment holds a special meaning. It speaks not to our laws or freedoms, but to the noble character and human spirit that lies at the heart of our laws and freedoms. Jefferson is telling us that morality and honor should be cherished and preserved, for without them all else is lost..

Sadly, today Jefferson’s words fall on deaf ears in our halls of power, and the key to turning this country around lies in returning to the bedrock values that were instilled by our Founding Fathers and inspired by our creator. Glenn Beck’s American Revival is the beginning of that process–a daylong event with the goal of reviving Jefferson’s beliefs and your country. Through the lessons learned from our history and the real stories behind today’s headlines, Glenn and his guests will return your attention to the fundamental ideals of Faith, Hope and Charity to engage your passion and show once and for all that it’s not “they the politicians” but we the people who have the power to restart the heart of America.

This event is unlike any other Glenn has ever undertaken—it’s a full day of Glenn Beck—he’s the explosive opener, the grand finale, and an integral part of every moment in-between. Here’s some of what you can expect…

A clip from Glenn Beck’s American Revival Tour which is coming to Salt Lake City. Insider pre-sale begins Thursday, April 28th…


• The End of America and looking back to the founders as a plan to find a way out

• Let the plan begin…change yourself, and this will change the world


• One nation under God

• From Columbus, to the Pilgrims, to the Declaration of Independence: the USA is a country built on faith

• If we become complacent in the recognition of God then we lose our liberties.

• Our founders understood not only that irrevocable limitations can be placed on government when God is recognized as the source of our rights, but also that if we became complacent in the recognition of God then we would lose our liberties

• David Barton will explore the importance of faith as a foundation on which this country was built and its importance in rebuilding America as a thriving nation


• Lies permeate our society, and people are losing hope

• People are looking for leaders and people want the truth

• America has cut itself off from the truth – it is time to restore it

• Join David Buckner as he discusses Hope through Truth – restoring Power to the Individual

• Buckner will provide both the economic facts and realities as well as offer concrete steps that individuals can take to achieve economic stability and regain the optimism to be as innovative, scrappy and empowered as the founding fathers of the USA



• Americans are the most charitable people in the world

• With a return to the founders and an understanding of our Constitution, the possibilities for being a charitable people is even greater

• The Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees us freedoms

• Our government is no longer faithful to the Constitution, and those in positions of power need to understand that they are voted in to serve the people, not be their masters

• When citizens are relieved of government regulations that violate the Constitution, their power as individuals can be restored, giving them the freedom, opportunity and wealth to be truly charitable

• Join Judge Napolitano as he discusses The Primacy of the Individual and Fidelity to the Constitution

• Judge Napolitano will clarify the rights spelled out by the Bill of Rights and Constitution, illuminating the documents that our founders created, and will lay out a path for returning to a nation in which the government exists for the individual


• The Future of America

• Remember what we talked about today to put our country back in order

• Look to the past, to our founders and restore it

• Look at the heroes of the past, because the next great American hero is among us

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