GLENN:  I’m going to put a congressman on the phone with us in just a second, but I want to explain, I want to explain a little bit of something about what you’re going to hear.  I want you to understand that now in Washington we can’t talk about principles and more.  We can’t talk about anything that is real anymore.  All we talk about, when you talk about anything that’s happening in Washington, you must frame it in, "This is only about politics and the future power for any given group of people."  That’s really all it is.

Now, there are those in Washington that are fighting for a reduction of that power, but there are very few of them.  Remember also that the progressive party, the progressive party is only about power and control.  Progressives, if you understand it the way they do in England and in Europe, progressives are Fabian socialists.  They are left and right, Nazi and communist.  Here left is used to be big government; right is anarchy.  Used to be.  Now left and right more and more are big government, both sides.  Your only choice, big government.  If I said to you that this government is going to do something    wait, wait.  Let me give you the third principle of progressivism.  Big government, left and right doesn’t matter.  Two is democracy, democratically elected.  Democracy is a very important word.  We’re a republic.  That’s why they use democracy.  Democratically elected, let me give you just a list of a few people who have been democratically elected.  Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad, Hitler, Mussolini I believe was democratically elected, democratically elected.  Usually in a progressive world democratically elected comes with a little twist.  There’s always something that happens.  For instance, Hitler wasn’t the Führer.  He was the chancellor, democratically elected.  And then he cobbled together a coalition that everybody said, oh, no, that will never happen here.  And it did, and he became the F