Pat Toomey speaks on illegal immigration

GLENN: Pat Toomey is on the phone from Pennsylvania.  Hello, Pat. 


TOOMEY:  Good morning, Glenn, how are you? 


GLENN:  Have we ever spoken before, sir? 


TOOMEY:  We have.  It’s been a little while.  It’s great to be back with you. 


GLENN:  Time just kind of just disappears into oblivion with me. 


TOOMEY:  Well, there’s been a lot going on. 


GLENN:  You ain’t kidding.  This last year has felt like 20 years. 


TOOMEY:  Yes, indeed. 


GLENN:  Pat, I don’t mean to surprise you, I don’t mean to be unfair but Arlen Specter is, Arlen Specter is on the   


PAT:  Hello, Pat.  Pat, I didn’t leave the Republican Party.  The Republican Party left me.  Why didn’t it leave you, Pat?  When the party left, you went with it, Pat.  But I’ll tell you something.  I didn’t.  It left me and I allowed it to leave.  Now, I can’t allow you to take my seat in the Senate, however, Pat.  I can’t allow that. 


GLENN:  Come on, tell him to act like a lady. 


PAT:  Pat, I’m going to have to ask you to act like a lady. 


TOOMEY:  That’s good. 


GLENN:  Pat, how are things in Pennsylvania? 


TOOMEY:  Things are    well, obviously we’re struggling in Pennsylvania economically, the job growth picture is grim but I will say politically the people of Pennsylvania have decided that Senator Specter’s long self serving career of political opportunism is coming to an end. 


PAT:  I kind of resent that.  We inherited a Bush mess in Pennsylvania. 


GLENN:  Wait a minute.  You were a Republican at the time. 


PAT:  Well, but the Republican Party left me and left me with a mess. 


GLENN:  Pat   


TOOMEY:  Yeah. 


GLENN:  No, go ahead. 


TOOMEY:  I was just going to say I’m glad that Arlen Specter’s here with us.  We can maybe have a debate now.  Because he can’t defend his record but maybe we could have one now. 


GLENN:  No, go ahead.  What is the one question you would like Arlen Specter to answer.  He will answer it.  Go ahead. 


TOOMEY:  Sure.  Is there any position at all, is there any principle whatsoever that matters to you other than your own reelection? 


PAT:  Every principle matters to me, Pat, depending on who I’m speaking to at the time. 


GLENN:  For instance, you’re staunchly pro life. 


PAT:  Staunchly pro life when I’m with religious organizations.  Staunchly, staunchly pro choice if I’m talking to Planned Parenthood.  And those values truly matter to me, Pat. 


TOOMEY:  This is good. 


GLENN:  You didn’t think it would be any different?  This is Arlen Specter on truth serum. 


TOOMEY:  Yes, yes.  You know, Glenn, we are observing today the one year anniversary of his blatant rejection of any kind of principle when he joined the Democratic Party after insisting that he never would.  That was exactly one year ago today.  He said he would continue to be independent.  In fact, he became a rubber stamp for this unbelievable leftward lurch of the federal government and so we are recognizing this.  We’ve got a website, and would love to have your listeners check that out and let us know what you think about this guy and about taking back our country. 


GLENN:  So you are now at 50%, he’s at 40%.  In the middle of the night do you ever think to yourself, I can’t believe he’s got 40%? 


TOOMEY:  It is.  You do wanter who are those 40%. 


GLENN:  I mean, does it ever occur to you?  I said last night on television I’m now watching TV, and I’m watching the news and it no longer reflects reality in any way, shape or form.  When I see about the tea party, they’re dangerous.  When I see people throwing bottles at the cops in Arizona, "Well, there’s just a few people that were angry but justifiably so because of this racism."  And I’m like   


TOOMEY:  Yeah. 


GLENN:  It no longer reflects reality.  Do you think the truth matters anymore? 


TOOMEY:  You know, I still take    first of all, I understand exactly what you’re saying.  In so many ways it seems like the world’s upside down.  But when I’m crisscrossing Pennsylvania, Glenn, voters I run into haven’t lost their heads at all.  They understand what’s going on.  They get it.  They are totally engaged and energized.  Certainly you see it in the tea party movement but it’s beyond that as well.  So I’m confident that the American people are not going to sit by and tolerate what’s been happening.  They are not going to tolerate Arlen Specter.  We’re going to change, we’re going to make the changes we need to. 


GLENN:  Tell me what you think about Arizona.  Besides it’s a nice place to vacation? 


TOOMEY:  Well, I think it starts with the federal government.  If you have a federal government that’s not enforcing the law and does not preserve the integrity of its own borders, then naturally states are going to take matters into their own hands.  And the fact is Arizona has been bearing an awful brunt of the problems that arise from the lack of federal enforcement and it’s recently escalated to the point where people are getting killed.  So why should we be surprised that Arizona’s deciding it has to take measures into its own hands? 


GLENN:  So what should the federal government do? 


TOOMEY:  Well, I think we have to have a    we have to control our borders, and we don’t.  And so that’s a combination of physical, technological manpower.  We need all of the above and we need to control that. 


GLENN:  What about the illegals that are already here? 

TOOMEY:  Well, you know, we can’t grant an amnesty.  I mean, if we do that, we are simply reinforcing and creating an incentive for more    first of all, it rewards lawlessness.  It rewards law breaking and punishes the people who are waiting to come to this country legally, and it encourages future waves of illegal immigration.

PAT:  That’s a clearly racist position you’re taking there, Pat, subscribing these people to a life of second class citizenship. 


GLENN:  Hang on just a second.  Arlen, they’re not citizens.  How can they than second class citizens? 


PAT:  These are undocumented citizens, Glenn, it’s important to   


TOOMEY:  Is that under Scottish law, senator? 


GLENN:  Pat, let me take you here.  In fact, I have to take a break and then I want to ask you this.  The president, we started with this audio of the president saying I’m not going to tell you what’s on the table, what’s off the table; I’m not going to have this conversation, you just have to pass these things and then you’ll find out what’s in them.  It’s like Christmas.  The    I want to ask you this:  We are so far out of control with our spending and, you know, PIMCO said don’t even buy U.S. bonds anymore, don’t even buy them because they’re too risky.  The American people have no idea what’s coming on the whole.  Our listeners do.  They have no idea.  How do we turn this thing around and how do we convince people that there are planes that have already taken off and are headed for the World Trade Center on the    you know, at 7:00 on 9/11?  When people would say, "That’s ridiculous," how do we get them to pay attention before the planes hit the building, economically speaking?