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GLENN: Now you tell me and, Stu, you can decide. We’ll play this audio and then come back. I believe that this is a message being sent to me and also a change of strategy. If you are really going to be insidious, you have to make everybody believe that you are just Jesus like. You’ve got to win the hearts and minds. Some people do that because it’s who they really are. I think the communist that has called for the revolution and the end, even if it’s a bloody end of capitalism, might not be the "I just love everybody who has a different opinion" kind of guy. Some of us have a record of standing up for other people’s opinions that they disagree; others not so much. Pat thinks this is sincere. Maybe it is.

PAT: Well, now that you’ve put it this way.

GLENN: Listen to Van Jones.

VAN JONES: Is difficult, especially in a gotcha culture. Most of the things that, you know, I got criticized for by my brother Glenn Beck is… (laughter) whom I love (laughter). I do. No, Glenn Beck, seriously, recovering alcoholic. My father’s an alcoholic. It’s incredibly difficult to do what he’s done, to be able to actually get sober. He is a father of a special needs daughter about whom he speaks with great tenderness and great care. You don’t see that very often. He’s a heterosexual man who is willing to weep in public. That doesn’t happen very often. It does create some space. I don’t agree with him and I think he’s using his genius and his talents in ways that are destructive to the country, but I love him as a person. I see him as a person and I refuse to be pulled out of community with him.

GLENN: Okay, stop. Van Jones, I hope you’re honest about that because I have no intention of pulling out of community. I’ve never said for your arrest, I’ve never said for you to be silenced. I wanted you to continue to work at the White House. I just want you to be open. I’d like to stop playing all the games, all the cloak and dagger stuff. I love you as a brother as well. I’m a Christian. I don’t know if you are or not. I haven’t done the whole family tree thing on you. I’ve been talking about your politics, but that’s cool that you referenced my child of special needs. No, that’s great. I don’t know, do you have any children or — I don’t know those things about you, but that’s cool that you know those about me. I — no, it is. As a brother, as a brother that’s really —

STU: You’ve talked openly about that.

GLENN: I have.

STU: You have, on the air.

GLENN: Many times.

PAT: And Van is listening intently.

GLENN: He’s listening.

PAT: Every day he loves this show. He loves you as a brother and he loves your show.

GLENN: He’s read all of my books.

PAT: I’m sure he had.

GLENN: Uh huh, he’s done all of those things.

PAT: I mean, that is weird. He’s done a little research.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: Quite clearly.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: He’s done some research.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: What was your impression?

GLENN: We’ll get that in a second. Back in a second.

PAT: All right.

(OUT 9:50)

GLENN: So Stu, tell me real quick, summary on, what do you think?

STU: Well, I mean, there’s always strategy involved in these things but I will say that listening to him speak there, he was very convincing in that, like —

GLENN: Really?

PAT: He sounds sincere.

STU: He sounds sincere.

GLENN: Hang on just a second, and I think that’s great because I believe in redemption. So the guy who was calling for a revolution, a communist revolution, a guy who has said that the United States not only, not only blew up the World Trade Center but also the white people in America are poisoning communities of color.

STU: Yes.

GLENN: He’s, he’s now, he’s now loving me and calling me a genius and saying that, you know, he just disagrees?

STU: I say he sounded sincere. I don’t know if he actually is sincere.

GLENN: The problem is with me — with Van Jones is that statement that he made, I am more than willing to drop the radical pose for the radical ends. That makes it hard to trust anyone when he talks about posing.