GLENN: All right. Let me go to Stu. You have the list?

STU: Yeah, the Amazon list. This first one here is the movers and shakers which are ones that are exploding out of nowhere kind of like really quick pickup.

GLENN: Okay. Now, I want you to know what I’m showing you is why they are afraid of you and this show. Remember our idea is they wanted to dismantle our faith, our Constitution, and our love for the founding fathers. That’s what we’re trying to put back together every day. Listen to this list of These are the Top 25?

STU: These are all in the top 25 movers and shakers. I’ll give you the top 25 here in a second but this is just related to this program. The Coming Insurrection which is on there, 5,000 Year Leap, another separate version of the 5,000 Year Leap, the Real Benjamin Franklin, the Overton Window, America’s godly heritage by David Barton, wives of the signers.

GLENN: That’s a David Barton book.

STU: It says by Mary W. —

GLENN: Yeah, but it’s one we talked about.

STU: Oh, yeah, it is. The Real George Washington. Samuel Adams: A life. Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution and the Religion by David Barton. George Washington’s Sacred Fire, the book you’ve been talking about recently. The Real Thomas Jefferson.

GLENN: Look at this.

STU: Separation of Church and State: What the Founders Meant by David Barton. Let’s see. Wall of Misconception which is another book by the guy who wrote the George Washington book. Washington’s God, Religion, Liberty and the Father of the Country, and The Faiths of the Founding Fathers. All of those are in the 25 movers and shakers from yesterday.

GLENN: Those are the 25.

STU: I mean, you got, what was that, 15, 16 of the top 25, something like that?

GLENN: It is incredible what this, we are — this audience is changing the course.

STU: Yeah, it’s absolutely amazing. And this is the top 25 best sellers on all of Amazon. So you are talking about everything. Samuel Adams: A Life is at number 20 right now. Looking up the list a little bit, you have — let’s see. There’s one other one. You’ve got the Real George Washington is number 8. And right now currently on the number one book on the entire website, George Washington: Sacred Fire, a 4 year old, 1200 page book with over 200 pages of sources on George Washington is now the number one book on

GLENN: So this is why they are afraid. This is why they are using everything they can to stop this show. Because not only are we onto them and showing them, we are also showing you the solution, and the solution is faith, hope and charity. It is, know the Constitution, read the Federalist Papers. Know the Constitution. Know who our founders are. Great video, get it, get it, get it. Johnny Tremain and The Liberty Tree. Go check what that is on in videos. Johnny Tremain and The Liberty Tree. Get it. Watch it with your family. Know the Constitution. Know the founders and restore your faith. I don’t know if you saw the show last night but we did it on social justice. I want to talk to you a little bit about social justice, what is happening because there’s even more news with the merging of churches and government, literal merging of government, your churches with the EPA and merging those two. But, you know, just for money.