Glenn Beck: Obama calls for new international order

Obama calls for a New International Order

GLENN: Also we would like to spend just a few minutes on this incredible speech given by our president to our global force for good. Here he is at West Point this weekend giving a commencement speech.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation.

GLENN: Hold it just a second. Could we just, just stop there. We have to shape an international order. Okay. You know, I think it was George H. W. Bush that first started talking about a new world order, and I was a little uncomfortable with the whole new world order thing. I’ve been hearing the talk of the new world order for a while. Of course, you can immediately go down a conspiracy theorist road, but you don’t really have to do that. You don’t have to go to the Star Chamber at all. You just have to look at the headlines of the day. You have to look at the banking bill, the reform, you have to look at any of the stuff that is coming out of Washington, you have to look at the IMF, and it’s all very, very clear.

Now, in front of our soldiers we’re now talking about a new world order militarily speaking.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We will be steadfast in strengthening those old alliances that have served us so well. We will be —

GLENN: Stop for just a second. I don’t think we have been steadfast in enhancing and holding together those alliances that have served us so well. Didn’t we send the bust of Winston Churchill back? Haven’t we insulted every — how are we doing with the whole Israel thing? That sounds like we’re doing really — seriously. I think we’ve really done some good stuff holding the traditional alliance of America and Israel together. I mean, other than working out of a being with Benjamin Netanyahu after you invited him here and then not having a state dinner, I think that’s totally — no, he understood.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Those who will serve by your side in Afghanistan and around the globe.

GLENN: Who, who is that?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: As influence extends to more countries and capitals, we also have to build new partnerships and shape stronger international standards and institutions.

GLENN: Stop just a second. We need to shape stronger international institutions. We do? We do? Like what? Which international institutions are doing really good stuff that we all like? Why would we want to strengthen them? How do you vote for them? Who runs the IMF? Who’s the chairman of the board? Who’s members of the board? What is it exactly? How do you vote for them? Can you call them? Help me out. Call them up, right now. Find out. Get some information. Just call their office, the IMF, of course located… anyone? Anyone? Okay. So we got that going for us. Well, if you got a problem, done worry. You can always call the UN because the UN, you know where they’re located, and you can call their complaint line and talk to your representative. Call your representative at the UN right now. Who’s your representative at the… of course, their phone number is right… but you know their e mail address, right? You get such a great response from our federal government. Can you imagine how great the response is going to be to you, a citizen… of the world, when you don’t vote for any of these people. It’s going to be good. Let’s strengthen them some more.

  • Anonymous

    For Beck, Obama can do no right. Before Obama gave the order to start bombing Libya, Beck whined on Fox about Obama doing nothing to help the rebels. After Obama gave the order to bomb Libya, Beck whined about helping Islamic extremists.

    In other words, Beck doesn’t care what Obama does in foreign policy so long as Beck can make money from gullible extremists in his audience that Beck throws red meat to.

    Uneducated Beck exploits the foolish and uneducated.

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