Video: Pelosi’s favorite word…

GLENN: Nancy Pelosi has been asked what her favorite word is. She had an answer. Now, she was — where was she exactly? She was at a Catholic conference, I think at the capitol and so she’s talking to religious people here, and I think you can — I mean, I think the audio of just — speaks for itself, and we’ll make the video available to you at and we’ll put it in the free e‑mail newsletter today because you have to really see it to really be able to feel it. Here she is.

PELOSI: They ask me all the time what is your favorite this, what is your favorite that, what is your favorite that. And at one time what is your favorite word. And I said, my favorite word, that is really easy. My favorite word is the word is the word.

PAT: Two words.

PELOSI: And that is everything. It says it all for us. And you know the biblical reference. You know the gospel reference, the word.

PAT: And surely you do.

PELOSI: And that word.

GLENN: That word.

PAT: The word is the word.

PELOSI: We have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the values of the word.

PAT: Yeah, public policy, keeping the values.

PELOSI: Isn’t it a beautiful word when you think of it? It covers everything.

PAT: The word is a beautiful word. The word.

PELOSI: You know, fill it in with anything you want but, of course, we know it means the word was made flesh and dwelt in us and that’s really the great mystery other of our faith, will come again, will come again. So we have to make sure we’re prepared to answer in this life or otherwise as to ‑‑

GLENN: We will.

PELOSI: ‑‑ how we have measured up.

PAT: Better get ready.

STU: Lots of questions, lots of answer.

GLENN: I’ve got a few questions. Nancy, approach the bench. I’m just saying. "I’m her attorney, your Honor."

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STU: (Laughing).

PAT: So I’m trying to get this, the word, word.

GLENN: Her favorite word is "the word" which I believe is a compound word.

STU: I think it’s two words.

PAT: I think it’s two separate words.

GLENN: Two separate words?

PAT: Word and word are two different words.

STU: Maybe "the" is her favorite word and then she put "word" after it, the word.

GLENN: Play it again because it’s just so good. It’s very deep, theological really.

PELOSI: They ask me all the time what is your favorite this, what is your favorite that, what is your favorite that, whatever. At one time, what is your favorite word.

PAT: Word, what’s your favorite word.

PELOSI: And I said, my favorite word, that is really easy. My favorite word is the word.

PAT: It’s the word.

GLENN: It is the word.

PELOSI: It is the word. And that is everything. It says it all for us.

GLENN: It does for us.

PELOSI: And you know the biblical reference. You know the gospel, the word.

GLENN: Tell me about it.

PAT: We can.

STU: I wish I could hear more.

PAT: We can.

STU: Oh, really?

PAT: Yes.

PELOSI: And that word ‑‑

GLENN: Word.

PAT: Word.

PELOSI: ‑‑ is, we have to give voice ‑‑

STU: Voice.

PELOSI: ‑‑ to what that means ‑‑

GLENN: What does that mean?

PELOSI: ‑‑ in terms of public policy that would be —

GLENN: Public policy.

STU: Public policy.

PELOSI: ‑‑ of the word.

PAT: The word.

GLENN: The word.

PELOSI: The word. Isn’t it a beautiful word?

PAT: It’s a beautiful word.

PELOSI: It covers everything, the word.

PAT: Word is a beautiful word.

PELOSI: Fill it in with anything you want but, of course, we know it means —

GLENN: This is so bad! This is so bad! I don’t even know where to begin! First of all, when did she become Mother Teresa all of a sudden?

PAT: I don’t — recently. Very, very recently.

GLENN: All of a sudden she’s Mother Teresa! I’m getting hammered for bringing up God.

PAT: I know.

GLENN: I’m a jihadist, but she’s the — let me tell you, you know what my favorite word is? The word.

PAT: The word. Word is your favorite word?

GLENN: Nancy, explain, explain the word logos to me, will you? Just explain that word.

STU: Is that the word?

GLENN: That is the word.

STU: That’s the word?

GLENN: Mmm‑hmmm. Logos. If she would say, you know what my favorite word is and you know, you know the meaning of logos and that is — because there, that word has meaning and depth. But "Word" doesn’t. No.

STU: My favorite word is fluffernutter.

GLENN: Is it?

PAT: Fluffernutter?

STU: It’s more of a brand name.

GLENN: It’s a word.

STU: It’s a really good word and it has so much —

GLENN: I think when you say fluffernutter, I mean, you can put any word there, but you know, we know what that word means.

STU: Well, and it’s important how fluffernutter, you know, is going to influence public policy because I know that liberals on the left love when religious symbols influence public policy.

GLENN: Isn’t it weird how now she was, now she was talking to the Catholic community conference on Capitol Hill.

STU: Because I didn’t guess that was a religious group she was talking to. I assumed that was on the floor of the House or maybe in a campaign speech.

GLENN: Oh, no —

STU: Wow.

GLENN: You are saying it could have been any of her constituents in San Francisco?

STU: She talks the same way with all constituents. When she is meeting with a hard core left group or an atheist group or any group, she talks the exact same way about the word.

PAT: You know what they call her? Ms. Consistency.

STU: That’s exactly what they call her.

PAT: Ms. Consistency.

GLENN: Ms. Consistency.

STU: Every time. That’s the word they use for her, consistency.

PAT: That’s the word.

STU: That’s everyone’s favorite word when talking about the person who said her word is the word.

PAT: The bird ‑‑ I thought the bird was the word.

STU: The bird is the word.

PAT: But the bird is ‑‑

GLENN: No, grease is the word.

PAT: Grease is the word?

GLENN: Grease is the word, is the word…

PAT: What happened to the bird then being the word?

STU: The bird is definitely the word. Bird, bird, bird.

PAT: In the day in the time, the bird was the word.

GLENN: No. Grease was the word.

PAT: In the Eighties.

GLENN: Grease is the word. Grease came before.

PAT: But now in the 2000s, the word is the word.

GLENN: Word is the word.

PAT: All right. Well, I mean, we’ve moved on. We’ve moved on to a different place. Now the word is the word.

GLENN: I think it’s great. I think it’s great that we have these social justice organizations coming out and pulling, giving our politicians the strength and the courage to talk about their favorite words. While condemning anyone else who —

PAT: Wonder what her favorite color is.

GLENN: — disagrees with the policies that the Word might bring.

PAT: Do you think she would share with us what her favorite shoes are?

STU: I bet she would.

GLENN: Ferragamo.

PAT: Ferragamo? What kind of spoon do you like? What’s your favorite spoon?

GLENN: Silver. She likes to take the silver spoon out of other people’s mouths —

PAT: And put it in the government’s?

GLENN: And put it in the government’s, her mouth, yeah.

STU: Favorite flavor of crystal light, pomegranate fusion perhaps?

GLENN: No, she doesn’t like anything with any kind of colors, artificial flavors, any kind of chemicals in it. She’s a —

PAT: Her favorite banana? Would it be Dole or would it be Chiquita or —

GLENN: No, Dole is a very bad brand.

PAT: It is?

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: What is the brand that is produced on her island because doesn’t she oversee like a —

GLENN: Dole. But Dole is a very bad brand but she likes Dole.

PAT: Likes Dole.

GLENN: Even though it’s a very bad — let’s just put it this way. She likes Dole when she’s in front of Dole.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: Or on the dole.

PAT: But if she —

GLENN: But… hmmm?

PAT: At Chiquita she hates Dole?

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: She’s still on the dole but she hates it.

STU: When speaking to Chiquita.

PAT: Yes.

GLENN: Unless Chiquita comes up with more… Dole. You know what I’m saying?

STU: Uh‑huh.

GLENN: I think that is the word. Corruption… might be the word. You could fill it in with any word you want. But isn’t that a great word?

PAT: I know what you — corruption?

GLENN: Yeah. The corruption.

PAT: The corruption.

GLENN: The corruption is a great word.

PAT: It’s a great word.