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GLENN: I want to go with cut 376, please, CNBC reporter is concerned that the CNBC, these conspiracy freaks are concerned that the President is setting up his own legal system. Here it is.

VOICE: I guess the other point really becomes and, Rick, whoever wants to take this, did BP end up really doing the right thing here? They definitely got strong armed, it seems, into doing this. Did they make the right decision into cutting the dividend?

VOICE: In cutting the dividend or in joining up with that fund? In cutting the dividend, yeah, it’s smart to save cash in the face of an unknown liability, but I’m very troubled by the fact that the President has, once again, created his own sense of a legal system. He fired the CEO of General Motors, he circumvented the rights of bond holders in the GM situation, and now he’s confiscated $20 billion from a company wait a minute to set up, quote, a financial and legal framework that already exists. It’s not his job to create laws. It’s his job to enforce laws.

PAT: Hum.

GLENN: Huh. Let me go to let me go to cut 303, also, MSNBC.

VOICE: When does the President become a dictator on this? When does the President start really calling the shots and saying, This is the number, this is what you’re going to pay, we’re not going to let you off the hook?

GLENN: Okay. So, we have on CNBC we have somebody saying I’m very concerned he’s setting up his own laws, he’s setting up his own system. You have MSNBC saying, when is he going to just become a dictator? Then you have a senator asked on MSNBC, what gives them the authority to force BP to pay? Cut 389. Listen to what she had to say.

VOICE: He have a specific question for you on what legal basis can the government demand that BP set aside this money? What’s the specific legal authority for this?

VOICE: Well, first of all, if we have to pass a statute to create that authority, we will, but I think the basic focus here is BP has said they’re going to pay. So, let’s start footing the bill.

GLENN: Hum. If we have to pass it after the President the President asked for it. If he wants more authority just to take money, we’ll pass it. We’ll give it.

PAT: And then grandfather that in.

GLENN: That’s interesting.

PAT: Hum.

MSNBC’s Schultz Asks When Obama Will ‘Become a Dictator’ on Gulf Cleanup

GLENN: Now, it is fascinating to me that the very people that have been ridiculing for me and you and everyone else in this country that has stood up and said, we are headed in the down the same roads that Europe headed down in the 1930’s, they’re the ones now calling for a dictatorship, they’re the ones saying it’s okay for a dictatorship.

We have some disturbing audio, cut 392. This one’s coming from New Haven, Connecticut. This is a school that is well, they’re having the kids chant. Listen to this.

VOICE: Anything, anything, anything, anything I want to be I want, doctor, lawyer, judge, journalist, writer, fire fighter, principal, President, President, President, anything, anything, I want to be. If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I know, I know, I know, I can achieve it, because I am an Obama scholar, an Obama scholar and I will strive to be, out outstanding, brilliant, I will achieve, I’ll be motivated, positive attitude, positive attitude, mountain, move out of my way.

GLENN: Fascinating to me.

PAT: It’s reminiscent of what we heard, what was, a year, year and a half ago about the Obama militant kids who were chanting about Obama. Do you remember that?

VOICE: Alpha omega, alpha omega.

GLENN: It was almost like a little civilian Army happening here.

VOICE: President Obama, because of Obama I will strive to be the next doctor, because of Obama, I will strive to be the next lawyer. Because of Obama, I will strive to be the next auto technician. Because of Obama, I will strive to be the next architect.

GLENN: This is frightening.

VOICE: Because of Obama, I am striving to be the next engineer.

PAT: Then there were the young kids that got to go for the choir.

‘Obama scholars’ sing The One’s praises

VOICE: We’re going to spread happiness. We’re going to spread freedom. Obama’s going to change it. Obama’s going to lead them. We’re going to change it and rearrange it.

GLENN: It’s frightening.

PAT: Creepy

VOICE: We’re going to change the world.

GLENN: I don’t think I need to hear any more. Go back to cut 303, please.

VOICE: When does the President become a dictator on this? When does the President start really calling the shots and saying, this is the number, this is what you’re going to pay, we’re not going to let you off the hook?

GLENN: Progressives will tell that you they don’t want a dictatorship. They’ll tell you that Fascism is crazy, they’ll tell you that communism is crazy, but when it comes down to it, that’s exactly what they want. If you can play the Bill Maher force them, tell them what to do, in the end progressives believe they are smarter than you. They believe that if they can talk down to you enough or Cass Sunstein can nudge you enough, but in the end, they if you can’t get it done, when are you going to become a dictator? This is exactly, exactly what happened with FDR, but not nearly this quickly. And luckily, by the time his people said to him, you have got to take the reigns, you have to be a dictator, by the time they actually said those words to him, most of America was on to him. In 1939, 50 some percent was afraid and felt that the United States was turning into a dictatorship. That’s when he was told, take the reigns. We still have so many people that don’t even see this coming, that we have cheerleaders on the side, on the left, saying, Become a dictatorship.

It is not the President’s job to create new laws. That’s the job of the Congress. It is not the job of the President to dictate terms. Now, I read the other day, I was reading in the Bible. I was reading in a story from the Old Testament and it talked about the sins of the fathers coming back on the sons and I thought, since when? We don’t pay for the sins of the father. My dad did something wrong, my dad pays for it. No, no. The sins of the father are about to come down on the sin for the son and I’ll explain and a way out, next.

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