"Oh, so it’s done by a professional? All right. I’ll sign right on up. Sounds great," Dan said. As you may remember from the  Hucka-Bomb article Dan is not one for sarcasm and strongly believes that everyone’s word should be taken at face value regardless of the context.

Transcript from the January 15, 2008 radio program.

GLENN: Hey, Dom, you are the kind of guy that can find somebody to do this. You know how when tasers first happened and everybody started tasering each other? I always thought that was stupid because I don’t need to know that a taser is bad for me. I know exactly what it’s going to do. However, waterboarding, that’s something entirely different. I think we need to find somebody who is willing to be water boarded by professionals and show if it’s torture or not.

DOM: Can we do it to Stu?

GLENN: Is that a dream come true or what? Stu?

DOM: Would Stu go for it?

STU: No, I’m not going to be tortured.

GLENN: It’s not torture.

STU: Oh, that’s right, it’s not torture.

GLENN: Wait a minute, you are the one that’s been telling me beat the drum, waterboarding’s not torture.

STU: I would say that’s true, you are accurate. I don’t want to be interrogated. How about that.


DAN: Yes?

STU: Dan has been tasered, by the way. Dan has been tasered.

GLENN: Can we water board you? And I don’t mean us. We would find people — well, Adam would know people. Adam probably is people who have water boarded people before.

DAN: Oh, so it’s done by a professional? All right. I’ll sign right on up. Sounds great. No, no!

GLENN: Seriously.

DAN: Can we get an injury from that kind of thing?

GLENN: You know, you got hit by a stun gun or whatever those kind of things.

STU: I should make my position clear here. I’m not for torturing average citizens. I’m thinking for waterboarding and maybe worse with terrorists. This is the one distinction you are missing here.

GLENN: What they say is it’s a horrible experience but it does no harm. I’m just saying.

STU: Horrible experience.

GLENN: We can do that to Dan, can’t we?