The Overton Window, a thriller by Glenn Beck

GLENN: There’s also some other story that we should talk about here and that is the federal government has halted the sand berm dredging.

PAT: I’ve been talking about that for — how long have I been talking about sand berm dredging? It goes back to —

GLENN: Don’t —

PAT: I mean the late Sixties probably?

GLENN: No. It comes from the —

PAT: Fifties?

GLENN: It comes from the oil spill.

PAT: Dredging?

GLENN: Dredging up the sand berms to stop the oil from coming ashore.

PAT: Oh, okay.

GLENN: And Louisiana would like to stop the oil coming from ashore. So what they are doing is they are dredging up all of these sand berms so they hit before they come in and come on shore. The federal government has now stopped it and halted all of the sand berm dredging.

PAT: And the reason?

GLENN: It’s bad for the environment.

PAT: In what way? What does that do?

GLENN: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife department has concerns about where the dredging is being done

PAT: But they don’t have concerns about the oil coming to shore?

GLENN: No, uh uh.

PAT: Okay, good.

GLENN: No, no.

PAT: Good, that’s — that clears it up.

GLENN: It’s scheduled to halt tonight at midnight. California dredge located off of Chandler Islands has pumped more than 50,000 cubic yards of material daily to create a sand berm. The letter that is being written now and saying please, Mr. President, do not shut this dredge down. This requires your immediate attention. Well, he’s busy swatting or not swatting flies on his face. So I know he’s got a golf game to get to. Oh, and he’s got to shut down the oil industry entirely, as the judge said, without enough information or facts. So he’s doing that. I don’t know if he can get to the stopping of the sand berm dredging at this point.

PAT: No. There’s a Ringo Starr concert coming up, too.

GLENN: Can I tell you something? You know what? Mexico is filing a friend of the court briefing on Arizona. So Mexico now is coming in on Arizona. The president is going after Arizona legally. There are senators in congress now that are urging the president, and he may do it, to issue an executive order, an executive order to grant amnesty. Now the sand berms and the oil industry. Yesterday he said he was calling on congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

I asked Niall Ferguson from Harvard yesterday, an economist, I said, if you were planning on destroying this country, if you set out to destroy it, what else would you need? Nothing. This is it. This is it. Jon Voight thinks that we are, we are headed towards Civil War. Thomas Sowell, one of the most and — you know, you can’t say it’s his hatred for African Americans because he’s African American. Brilliant, brilliant economist. Stanford University. Thomas Sowell has come out and said we’re headed for tyranny. This guy’s a dictator. We are headed for a dictatorship. I’d sure love to hear your opinion and I have to share with you what Andy Stern’s new job is. It is terrifying.

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