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GLENN: Last week five prayers were answered at one time, and please mark on your calendar 8/28 and also 8/27. I have told you that on Friday, the 27th, we were going to be doing something spectacular. I will tell you this, that we had one thing planned. We had RFK stadium all ready to go, we had this giant fireworks thing that we were going to do and this whole program, and we just couldn’t get it right. We just kept — we didn’t, we didn’t secure RFK because it just, it just wouldn’t fit. It just wouldn’t fit, it just wouldn’t fit.

Something happened last week that is coming together in a miraculous sort of way that I believe we’re going to announce on 8/27. We’ll give you details. And then hopefully at 8/28 will be unveiled at the Lincoln Memorial as well. It has — I don’t want to — I want to make sure this is accurate. I just talked to one of the guys who was with me and he believes this hasn’t happened for 234 years. Would you say that this is something that hasn’t happened since then?

PAT: Yeah, not that I know of.

GLENN: This is — and if it comes through, and I have handshakes from everyone, if it comes through, it is a pivot point in this country’s history. It is something black, white, yellow, brown, it doesn’t matter. It is all about character and it is uniting. When I — I had a conversation this weekend. I got a phone call actually while I was on a boat fishing in the river in Driggs, Idaho. I’m out by the Grand Tetons and the phone rings and it’s a call from somebody who is — I couldn’t not take the call. And when I told this individual what I thought we had put together and wanted to ask him if he wanted to be involved, he said, holy cow; really? It is something you will want to witness. History in the making. A historic event. Do not miss it. Washington D.C. August 28th. I ask for your continued prayers and I — God knows what I’m talking about. Ask Him for — ask Him for His divine providence and the finger of the Lord to appear. So far — and I can’t wait to share this with you. So far His — it is only through divine providence. It is really only through divine providence that this is happening so far. I ask you to continue to pray like you’ve never prayed before because I tell you, I didn’t know when we were first — when we first started this, I didn’t know what we were — where we were headed. It’s one of those things that you’re just like, okay, Lord, you want me to walk down this road, I’ll walk down this road. Now I see it, and I see how it has come together one piece at a time. And it is, only through divine providence I think this could happen. So keep this in your prayers. Keep this event in your prayers.

I also think that is why you are seeing the left organize beyond your wildest imagination against this event. They are saying now, we’ve got to have more people there than — you know what? Every American is welcome. And just like Martin Luther King ‑‑ I just keep thinking, I just know this to be true — I believe Martin Luther King, his message is right, and it has been perverted. And one of his messages, one of the things that he strongly believed in was you put these two images side by side, you put the racists next to the beaten down man and America will see and they will choose the right side. Let me tell you this. I believe that to be true. Just like Martin Luther King, just like you, just like George Washington, just like really I think every average American, you believe in the decency of the American people. If people want to come and protest this event, they are going to be so unbelievably exposed. You can come and stand with us. That’s why I ask you, don’t bring signs. Bring your children, please. Don’t bring signs. Bring your children. They can stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Once they see what we are doing, once they see what this event is, they are going to be so exposed as nothing but haters. August 28th, Washington, D.C. Please join us as we turn the page in American history.