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GLENN: Pat was just telling me that he was at the bookstore and he saw Who is Barack Obama, where in it, it’s a kid you know, book for your kids, what exactly are civil rights. Under a picture of Martin Luther King, the right to vote is one; so is the right to a decent education and a decent job. That is true, if you lived in the former Soviet Union. That is not true here. You have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Pursue your own happiness. People can’t not hire you because of your skin color, but they can not hire you because you suck. You don’t have a right to a decent job.

You’re getting the slow indoctrination. And Pat said that when he was in the bookstore, he saw

PAT: Also available in the children’s section is that fantastic Howard Zinn book History of America which is

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: And then we’re just finding out that this progressive historian Howard Zinn

GLENN: Communist.

PAT: Was a communist.

GLENN: We knew he was a communist but nobody would admit that he was a communist.

PAT: But now it’s come out in an FBI file released on Friday, sure enough.

GLENN: On Friday. Isn’t it interesting that it came out on… Friday. That’s when stories are dumped. One of the other things you find out on Friday with Howard Zinn, that he was a communist? He also had a very close communist relationship with somebody else. Frank Marshall Davis. Who was Barack Obama’s mentor? Hmmm. Hmmm.

Hey, could somebody do me a favor? Does anybody have time to find out anything they can on that meeting between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama? Remember when they went over and like, hey, Vlad, how you doing? "Good, I’m very good." And they got together and they spoke for about an hour, which was I think longer than that you had they were scheduled to speak for. And it was closed doors. It was just the two of them. And Putin came out and when they were asked, you know, what did they talk about, the White House responded that Vladimir Putin was just helping Barack Obama with the real history of the Cold War.

PAT: I’ll bet he was.

GLENN: I’ll bet he was. I’ll bet he was. Well, he may not need to because Howard Zinn was a good friend of Barack Obama’s mentor and Howie is, of course, a communist or was a communist. Frank was a communist. And Barack Obama has none of those tendencies.

PAT: None. Nothing.

GLENN: Nothing like that.

PAT: Nothing in common with those guys.

GLENN: Nothing, nothing.

PAT: Well, you know, other than hanging out with Marxist professors in college and, you know, a Marxist pastor for 20 years. Nothing else in common with him.

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