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PAT: All right. A couple of things that we haven’t gotten to yet. Elena Kagan was confirmed yesterday. Vote was 63 37. You know all the usual suspects, I mean, Lindsey Graham obviously voted for her.

STU: Yeah. Do you need more than that?

PAT: Do you need more? I doubt it.

STU: You get

PAT: 63 37. So that means, I don’t know, how many Republicans? Eight, ten? No, twelve? No, okay, it’s only three.

STU: It was only a few, yeah.

PAT: It was only three. Because it’s like 58 41 or 59 41.

STU: Once the vote was secured, all the people, Scott Browns of the world who were probably on the fence were free to vote no. But, you know, she’s in and we gain Elena Kagan and we lose Christina Romer, the economic adviser who is dropping out.

PAT: And one fine looking woman. I mean, what a hot babe.

STU: Yeah.

PAT: It’s really a shame that we lost her.

STU: Luckily, though, we’re replacing her with Kagan in the new cycle. So the hotness factor will not drop too far.

PAT: That’s true.

STU: But yeah, if you don’t know who she is, she is the one who authored the 8% unemployment report, remember at the beginning of the administration when they said if we get the stimulus, we’re not going to see anything above 8% in unemployment. And basically it immediately was proven wrong.

PAT: Okay, so she was 2 points off. It’s been 10%.

STU: What’s 2.

PAT: And this past July it stayed 9.1% but we lost 131,000 jobs last month.

STU: We’re still losing jobs ?

PAT: Hemorrhaging jobs. "Well, at least we’re not hemorrhaging jobs anymore." Yeah, we are again. So now you own the economy, you own the jobs, you said you turned it around, you reversed the process and now the process is back to hemorrhaging jobs again. Where do you go with that? They’ve bitten off a really tough thing for us to chew here.

STU: They have taken ownership here.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: And for the first time you are seeing that reflected in polls. There’s a Rasmussen poll the other day. I believe it was the first time they had found, they asked the same question, I believe it’s every month which is, who do you blame for the economy, whose problems. And it still has been Bush by a slight amount for a while. For the first time now people are blaming Obama more for the economy.

PAT: And that, of course, is unfair. John Kerry told us that.

KERRY: In the last six months I think there was even an article in the paper this week.

STU: An article in the paper?

KERRY: About people no longer blaming Bush. They are beginning to target this White House. That’s a natural

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

STU: Oh, my.

KERRY: course of events.

PAT: Already?

KERRY: As you go through any administration. But I don’t think it’s fair to the president.

PAT: No, it’s not fair.

KERRY: The president just passed I mean, think about what just happened.

PAT: I’m thinking.

KERRY: We just passed the most significant

PAT: I know.

KERRY: And important.

PAT: Sweeping.

KERRY: Regulatory reform legislation in 40, 50 years?

PAT: We just passed the most unbelievably capitalist crushing legislation ever passed in this country.

STU: We’ve done everything we can to make sure this country goes into the crapper for decades to come. Why is it getting blamed?

PAT: They don’t appreciate that, Stu. People don’t appreciate that we are fundamentally transforming America from capitalist system to a socialist one.

STU: Yeah. It is hard.

PAT: They don’t appreciate it.

STU: That is a lot of heavy lifting.

PAT: And it’s only been 19 months and already people are starting to blame this president. This president has nothing to do with the economy. It’s George W. Bush!

STU: With the exception of cap and trade, they’ve had pretty much everything they opened for in this first 18 months.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: That has been passed.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: Healthcare and the stimulus. And the stimulus was nothing but 15,000 projects that they have wanted for years and years and years. And then financial and everything else, I mean, how much do you need? You spent trillions of our dollars. How much do you need until maybe it’s partially your responsibility?

PAT: And already they’re starting to blame us. I don’t understand it! It’s only been a couple of days, like 795.

STU: (Laughing). You’ve had complete control.

PAT: Complete control.

STU: No one can stop you.

PAT: Everything, yeah.

STU: Nobody can stop you. The occasional filibuster only since Scott Brown is possible, but really it’s been an essentially unfettered path for them to do whatever they wanted for two years almost.

PAT: Crazy, yeah.

STU: You know, they still are perplexed that anyone would even look at them for blame.

PAT: Which is unbelievable.

STU: They are just shocked. They can’t understand it.

PAT: You look at it and you see it and you read about it and you hear it every single day and it’s still hard to believe. It’s really hard. And they get away from it, from the rest of the press, other than us, you know, talk radio and Fox, they get away with it.

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