Welcome to the Glennbeck.com Producers’ blog. For the entire week leading up to the Restoring Honor rally on 8-28, Glenn’s producers will be 3 steps behind him bringing you all the latest behind the scenes action from Washington, D.C. Make sure to check back regularly for updates.

Friday, August 27

Update: 11:53P ET

How to Watch 8/28 online?

In case you missed the announcement, the 8/28 Restoring Honor event will be streamed LIVE on Facebook on Saturday morning from 10a-1p ET. If you can’t be here this is the next best thing!


Thursday, August 26

Update: 11:00P ET

Glenn visited the line that had formed at the Kennedy Center to get tickets for America’s Divine Destiny.

The complete video can be found here on the Insider Extreme.

Thursday, August 26

Update: 3:12P ET

Glenn took another walkthrough the Restoring Honor site after the radio show today. Take a look…

Thursday, August 26

Update: 1:33A ET

Here are some more photos from Wednesday. Check back all day Thursday for more photos from behind the scenes of 8/28!

Wednesday, August 25

Update: 7:50P ET

Hey Beck fans. Here’s your first look at the Restoring Honor stage being erected in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Our crews are working round-the-clock to make sure everything is ready to go Saturday @ 10am. Want to see an exclusive tour of the event site with Glenn? Then sign on to Insider Extreme tonight at 8pm for a special Primetime broadcast. Plus, it’s Wednesday and class is in session! Immediately following Glenn’s tour Professor David Buckner brings you Hope 103 at Beck University. That’s all tonight on Insider Extreme starting at 8pm. See you there.

Wednesday, August 25

Update: 1:17P ET

Yesterday afternoon Glenn continued his tour of our nation’s capital. This time, he took a trip over to the Washington National Cathedral. In addition to being one of the most beautiful buildings we’ve seen so far, it’s also the resting place of Progressive President Woodrow Wilson. You can only image how that went. Check out some of the pictures below.

Inside the Cathedral

Glenn admiring the architecture

The resting place of President Woodrow Wilson…he hates that guy.

Picture of the main altar

Glenn touches the braille on a plaque at Helen Keller’s resting place

Inside the Cathedral facing the front doors

Wednesday, August 25

Update: 10:13A ET

Glenn just announced that the 8/27 event at the Kennedy Center, America’s Divine Destiny, will be streaming live on Insider Extreme. If you can’t be there in person, join us online.

Get all the details about the 8/27 event live from the Kennedy Center, here.

Wednesday, August 25

Update: 12:34A ET

The Restoring Honor rally is 3 days away! Will you be there?

Tuesday, August 24

Update: 6:30P ET

Just a reminder…log on to Insider Extreme tonight at 8pm eastern for a special ‘live’ broadcast from Washington DC. Plus, Glenn will show you part II of his trip to Arlington National Cemetery. That’s tonight – only on Insider Extreme.

Tuesday, August 24

Update: 11:24A ET

After yesterday’s television show Glenn decided to take a trip to Arlington National Cemetery. If you’re coming to the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington this Saturday, make sure you stop by Arlington Cemetery afterward and pay your respects to our fallen heroes. Here are some images from Glenn’s trip.

Our fallen heroes

Glenn takes my camera and decides to capture some footage on his own

Glenn pays respect to our fallen soldiers

Glenn and his daughter in front of JFK’s eternal flame

Eternal Flame

Check back regularly for more updates…

Monday, August 23

Update: 1:05p ET

Here’s some pictures from this morning’s broadcast from the XM studios in Washington DC…

Sunday, August 22

Let’s kick things off with some photos of yesterday’s trip to Mount Vernon. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Glenn is a big fan of President George Washington . . .

Glenn and Tania pay their respects to President George Washington

President Washington’s Desk.

George Washington’s bed. He died here with Martha by his side.

Glenn with David Barton admiring the Mount Vernon Museum.

Make sure to check back regularly for updates…