GLENN: I want to go into what Andy Stern is saying because he’s talking about China and how, the unions just need to really get together. Here is John Holdren which kind of fits into this on, my question for union workers: How is it that your unions who have fought for American jobs staying here in America and they have been responsible for shipping almost everything overseas, how is it they’re now saying that we need to be in bed and a global union? How are you going to protect American jobs if the union that represents you also represents somebody that makes $1.50 a day? For doing the same job? Help me out with that.

PAT: John Holdren gave us the key a while ago and that was de-development he spoke about in one of his books. So one of the CSN news reporters was asking about those comments.

GLENN: Here it is.

REPORTER: No, I want to just ask you, you wrote a massive campaign must be launched to restore high quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States in your book Human Ecology. Could you explain what you meant by de-developing the United States?

HOLDREN: Have you guys what we meant by that was stopping the kinds of activities that are destroying the environment and replacing them with activities that would produce both prosperity and environmental equality. Thanks a lot.

REPORTER: And how do you plan on implementing that?

HOLDREN: Through the free market economy.

REPORTER: And you also talked about a world of zero net physical growth? Could you talk about that a little bit?

PAT: Now he’s walking away

REPORTER: That was in your World Bank essay.

HOLDREN: I have another engagement.

PAT: Leaving the area.

REPORTER: interviewed Holdren in June of this year and he said his past work is a, quote, stale topic.

I just want to I just want to ask you real quick about a lot of your past work. I’ve read

HOLDREN: No, this is a stale topic.

GLENN: Is it stop. Is it really a stale topic to de-develop the United States of America? Now, how through the free market system do you de-develop a country? How do you do that? You do that through regulation. You do that through control. You do that through Cass Sunstein and you do this through another person called Elizabeth Warren. Haven’t met her yet. Well, you should. And you should also hear about what the Department of Energy’s new mandate is and that is to put new federal regulations on every household appliance. How do you deregulate through the free market system?

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