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GLENN: George, George Soros, are you listening today? Do you have your
minions listening today? Do you have any of your little
organizations plotting,
planning, doing anything today? Oh, I sure hope so George. Oh, I do. You know,
we should get together. We should, just you and me. Why talk between all of
these organizations? Why don’t we just talk one on one, George? Why? And by the
way, George, I’m going to do a special on you in the next few weeks. Yes. And…
and… I think there’s going to be something on that show that is going to
probably be front page news. I think maybe above the fold New York Times. Maybe,
maybe, maybe, George, maybe. Oh, it will be it will be so much better if you and
I just chatted because I’ve got some questions. You’ve done some confusing
things. Don’t you hate when this happens, when all of your best laid global
governance plans? I mean, you’ve collapsed four economies, four currencies
before. You’ve done it four times, and nobody has gotten in your way. Oh,
George! What to do, what to do, what to do. Oh, gollee. You’ve got all that
money, all that global power, all these cute little organizations. Oh, and now
the people are getting in the way. Oh… don’t you just sometimes, don’t you
just want to round them all up? I mean, really, George? Don’t you just want to
do that sometimes? Because people can be pesky. I know. I know, you can’t. Darn
it. So you just have to set up all these organizations to… hypnotize them,
confuse them, push them, nudge them, shove them. Because you can’t shoot ’em.
Shoot I mean, I didn’t mean shoot! I mean… darn. George, sometimes people
don’t like it when you nudge them, and sometimes when you nudge them and then
you try to shove them, sometimes, occasionally a gal or a guy… might do the
opposite. Might say, jeez, now, now that I was nudged and then I was shoved, now
I think I’m going to stand up and say, no. No, I’m not going to I’m sorry. Hang
on. Everybody in the listening audience, I’m sorry. I don’t have his number. So
I just have to talk to him for a second. I’ll get to you in a minute.

Where was I, George? Oh, yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes if you… if you
reach out and you try to shove somebody up against the wall, they find their
spine and then they say, I’m not going to take it anymore. I’m going to expose
you. Uh oh. Anyway, George, you have my phone number. How do I know? You know I
know that. You know I know you have that number. Come on. You know. So anyway,
call me. Let’s chat. What do you say? Okay? Full hour, radio, television. Hey,
I’ll give you two hours, run on radio, one on television. We can talk and then
we can think about what we talked about in the morning and we could finish our
conversation on television. Hell, what do you say we talk for four hours? I got
three hours in the morning, one hour at night, just you and me. And we can speak
slowly because I know you are such a super brain, you are because, well, I well,
you know I know what you think about me! I know! I know that you know, because
you know and I know something that only you and I know. You know what I mean?
But that’s not going to last long. So call me. Call me.

Okay. I’m sorry. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the by the way, I’m going to use an
old Jedi mind trick: You didn’t hear that conversation between me and George
Soros. And, yes, it wasn’t a monologue. It is a conversation because I can
guarantee you one of the minions, they were right now, it might be a delayed
conversation, but he’s responding soon. It will be like, I can’t believe that
he… that man is so evil, I can’t take him anymore. Send another minion out! It
will be something like that. So it is a conversation. He’ll just be a little