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GLENN: All right. Let me go back to the let me go back to the debate from the
other night because this gets into a constitutional debate with what’s his name,

PAT: Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell.

GLENN: The guy who’s definitely not a Marxist.

PAT: No, he was it was a joke.

GLENN: He was kidding.

PAT: You could read that and

GLENN: And he, you know, he’s a complete capitalist just like Barack Obama is.
Exactly the same.

PAT: Oh, yes. Yes.

GLENN: Exactly the same. Do you remember how people said that Barack Obama was a

PAT: That’s silly.

GLENN: So stupid.

PAT: Silly.

GLENN: An they are just so unevolved.

PAT: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: But anyway, so they’re having a he’s having a debate, Coons and
O’Donnell, and here’s what happens in the debate.

COONS: principles is the separation of church and State.

VOICE: Okay, with that very

O’DONNELL: Where in the Constitution is separation of church and state?

VOICE: Oh, my gosh.

PAT: Listen to the mocking.

GLENN: Listen to the mocking.

PAT: laughter.

GLENN: What she said was, where do you find the separation of church and state
in the Constitution?

PAT: In the Constitution.

GLENN: Play it again because listen to the crowd.

PAT: It’s amazing.

VOICE: (Ckaudio) principles is the separation of church and state.

VOICE: Okay, with that, very

O’DONNELL: Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?


GLENN: Listen to that.

PAT: I mean

GLENN: Listen to that. And somebody even says, excuse my language, but somebody
even says, oh, my God.

PAT: Like, what an idiot.

GLENN: Like, what a dope.

PAT: This person’s running for office?

GLENN: It’s not in the Constitution! It’s not in any federal document! None! Not
one! Not a thousand! None!

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Now, what is so funny about asking that question? It is the fundamental
principle of our country. It is one of the founding principles! It is the
establishment clause that the government shall not make any laws establishing

PAT: Establishing a religion.


PAT: Prohibiting

GLENN: Prohibiting.

PAT: the free exercise thereof.

GLENN: Exactly. So what do you have? You cannot make the federal government
cannot make an official religion, and they cannot pass any law to stop the free
exercise of that religion. Well, let me ask you something. How exactly does the
state take a child away from a family that believes in a different kind of
medical procedure? I mean, that is as far out there as you can get. But tell me
in the Constitution how they do it. Now, the State can. The State can.

PAT: Dumb.

GLENN: Read the Constitution of Massachusetts and it will blow your mind.

PAT: I get a kick out of these people who say, read the Constitution.

GLENN: These people

PAT: Why would I read the Constitution?

GLENN: These people are so ignorant, the I’m sorry, but it is time to call a
spade a spade. The progressive left is ignorant and underinformed. And it’s self
imposed, self inflicted ignorance.

STU: Yeah. I mean, obviously the phrase "Separation of church and State" does
not appear in the Constitution. We sustained the cause

PAT: Neither is the concept.

STU: As you pointed out, the establishment is the big thing there.

PAT: Yep.

STU: But I think the basis of this is that to conservatives today, the phrase
"Separation of church and state" means how it’s being treated. Like, you can’t
have the Ten Commandments in a building. You can’t have Santa Claus at a school
play. And, you know, to liberals they’re trying to make it seem like, you know,
we think that the government should start a theocracy, which is obviously has
nothing to do with what conservatives want.

GLENN: But see, this is what they’ve done. What they’ve done is "She’s a witch"
to discredit her with all of the Christians. "She’s a witch." And then when she
get her in front of the public because people aren’t "She’s a witch? What? We’re
going to elect Harry Potter? What?" So discredit her on that.

And then in the most incredible only the stupid don’t figure this out. She’s a
witch and she’s so Christian, she wants to jam this down your throat!

STU: (Laughing).

GLENN: That makes no sense except to stupid people!

STU: The same stuff they do to you all the time, though.

GLENN: Exactly right.

STU: You’re faking it. You’re this crazy faking guy, oh, Lonesome Roads." And
then statement, "He’s a crazy man. He believes all this stuff. He’s a crazy

GLENN: "He’s trying to make everybody into a Mormon. That’s what he’s doing. He
believes it, but he’s so fake, he’s only doing it for bucks." Which is it,

STU: Pick one.

GLENN: Which is it?

STU: Pick one.

PAT: And they get away with it. They get away with it.

GLENN: Why? Because of stupid, uninformed people that still are trusting these
so called leaders. They are leading you to slaughter. They are leading you to
slaughter and slavery! Where else does it end? You become so dependent on them,
you take everything they say as gospel. They are lying to you!

So where does that end? It ends with, "That’s not even in the document." Read
the damn document! No, no, no. "No, read the document. I get a kick out of these
people who say read the document."

PAT: I might understand it if I actually did that. Who wants to do that? Not me.