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GLENN: We are a week and one day away from what should be a historic election. And I say what should be because I’m actually concerned.

I had dinner with some friends over the weekend, and two people told me they’re not sure if they’re going to vote. They’re not sure if they’re going to vote. And

PAT: What is this, like 1991 or something? Is it

GLENN: I don’t know.

PAT: 1981? How can you not be sure you’re going to vote?

GLENN: You ready for this? My wife actually said, well, honey, I don’t even know. How do you even trust these people? How do you trust these people? I mean, I sat at the dinner table and I looked around and I said, is this a joke on me? Seriously is this a "joke on Glenn" night? How do you mean you don’t know who to I don’t know how you trust people, either. I really look, I’m in Connecticut. I know one thing: Do not vote for Dick Blumenthal. That’s the one thing I do know. I know who this guy is. This guy is a guy who will just I mean, he’s the chief law enforcement officer and he’ll just, he’ll just disregard the law. He’ll just do whatever’s popular. Don’t vote for that guy. Linda McMahon? What do I know about her?

PAT: She’s not Dick Blumenthal.

GLENN: That’s exactly right. She’s not Dick Blumenthal. Can I trust her? I don’t know. Can I trust Dick? No. No, I can’t. No, I can’t.

PAT: Yeah. It’s a in that race that’s where we I’m not sure we got the best candidate in the primary, but you know what? I know she’s better than Dick Blumenthal.

GLENN: Let’s try in California. You’ve got Jerry Brown.

PAT: Enough said.

GLENN: Jerry Brown. Now, what’s her, what’s her face, Meg Whitman, she seems like a delightful person, but do you trust her? Is she, is she another Arnold Schwarzenegger? Could be. Could be. Is that good? Nope. But she’s not Jerry Brown. I mean, what part of this don’t we understand? Now, look, you may be lucky enough that in your area there may be a Tea Party candidate. There may be somebody and, you know, you may look at them and say, I don’t know; they’re not very smart or they’re not very polished or they’re not whatever. You need to send people into Washington that have tasers on them. Because the people in Washington look, we’ve already lost the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is over. It’s over. It is the Progressive Party. It is the party of the uber left. It is the Democratic Socialists of America. That’s what it is. You can deny it all you want but I mean, you know, it’s only your it’s only your loss. I mean, just, you’re just denying reality. And what happened? You had the progressives in there that were still undercover, who were still just like, oh, you know, we’re just like you. And I remember Michael Moore sitting in the presidential box. It was during the John Kerry election. And I said, Democrats, what are you doing? You think you are using them as fuel. You’re wrong. They’re using you, and they will seize control of your party. And that’s exactly what happened. Well, now the same thing, the battle for the soul of the Republican Party is there. You’ve got people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain who are exactly what the progressives on the right say the Tea Party is: "Oh, the Tea Party, they’re just they just want big government control. They’re Nazis!" Okay, all right. Nobody is a Nazi at this point. Well, Nazis are Nazis, but nobody else is a Nazi. Progressives have all of the seeds of Nazis, or Mao, or… Fidel Castro or, uh, Lenin, Stalin. All of the seeds are there. That doesn’t mean that they’re going to grow into that. It means the seeds are there. The big government "Control everybody, my way or the highway" seeds. It’s exactly what our founders tried to stay against stay away from. Give the power to the local government. Give the power to the people and they will make sure. Because they won’t have enough power to cobble together some gigantic king sort of situation. The king was just as bad as any of these progressives that want to make all the decisions in Washington and damn the people. "I know better. I’m the king." It’s the same thing.

So the progressives that are in the Republican Party are now saying when these Tea Party people come, when these new people come, we have to coopt them. You need to get people that have a soul, recognize that they can lose it, that they understand what the stakes are and that we have a chance of standing. There’s I mean, body after body after body is going to be piled up in Washington on the steps of the capitol. I mean, they’re just going to, they are going to take these guys by the way, for the Tides Foundation, I don’t mean literal bodies they’re going to take these guys and they’re just going to grab them by the throat. And for the Tides Foundation, I don’t mean literally grab them by the throat suck their soul out of them and for the Tides Foundation, I don’t mean suck their soul out of them literally and then cast them aside.

STU: Glenn Beck advocates sucking the soul out of people! We heard the, hmmm? We heard it! We heard alert! Boycott! Help!

GLENN: That boycott is so effective, isn’t it? It’s really working well for you guys, it really is. It really is. They’re just going to crush these people. So you must vote, you must get out and vote for the people that you think we’re going to make mistakes. We’re going to send bad people in. But you’ve got to stand. You’ve got to stand.

You know what makes revolution feasible to our founders? 25 years of fighting this kind of stuff, going back and forth on the ocean. And people involved, and no way to vote. You’ve got a release. It’s called the voting booth. When they take away your right to vote, then you’ll have a case. You’ve got to vote. When there are 95% of the American people at the voting booth, then you have a case. But as long as there’s 40, 50% of the American people that stay at home and don’t vote, you don’t have a you don’t have any case. For violence? You have no case. Zero. We get what we deserve. When 50 or 60% of the U.S. population says, I don’t know, I don’t really care, whatever, we get what we deserve.

PAT: And we keep hearing about the founders. We’ve talked about this before. They went back and forth across the Atlantic ocean time after time after time trying to address their grievances with the king, with the crown, and time after time they were rebuffed. That went on for something like 20 years. And they didn’t have the vote. They had no say. And they begged and they pleaded and they tried and they I mean, even up until 1775 and 76, they were still trying, and there was a huge portion of the population that were still trying to get along.

GLENN: A long train of abuses.

PAT: Yep.

GLENN: That’s the line in the Declaration of Independence.

PAT: And it started in the 1750s. So I mean, we’re nowhere near that.

GLENN: And you’re not even look. Again I bring the French Revolution up. Why? Why are you even talking about revolution? There’s no reason to talk about get out and vote! Get your neighbors to vote! I’m sorry to take this out on you. I sat at that table and, Pat, I called you and you said, I know, I’ve heard it from my friends.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah, I heard it this weekend, too.

GLENN: What, are you crazy?

PAT: Yeah. I mean, I couldn’t I looked at them because I heard it two or three times this weekend. And I looked at each one of them and said, what?

GLENN: I thought I was being punked. I thought I was being punked. I really at some point said, is there a camera in the room? Seriously is there a camera in the room because this is you’re joking, right?