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Obama Tells Latinos to ‘Punish Our Enemies’ on Election Day

GLENN: From Minneapolis, Minnesota on K talk 103 FM, welcome to the program.
My name is Glenn Beck, along with Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere who is our
executive producer. I you know, Pat, do we start with the incredible statement
from former president Jimmy Carter on the tea parties, or do we start with
Barack Obama and what he said yesterday to Univision about punish our enemies?

PAT: That was to a that wasn’t Univision but it was a Spanish morning show, I
think, Piolin in the morning or something. He’s been on that show I don’t know
how many times, many, many times. How many times has he been on our show?

GLENN: Well, he wouldn’t come on our show. Why would he come on our show?

PAT: I don’t know. Just to have that, you know, debate that he talks about that
he loves so much.

GLENN: Right.

PAT: You know.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: We can be we can be how does that go? We can be we can disagree without
being disagreeable and

GLENN: Well, yes, except when you start calling people enemies. Now, listen to
what this is what he said.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: But they are going to be paying attention to this election and
if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying we’re going to punish our
enemies and we’re going to reward our friends who stand with us on issues that
are important to us, if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this
election, then I think it’s going to be harder and that’s I didn’t think it’s so
important that people focus on voting on November 2nd.

GLENN: Has anybody ever heard a president say punish our enemies when he’s
talking about the American people?

PAT: No. And if again, you know, you go back to the, "If it was George Bush."

GLENN: I don’t care about George Bush.

PAT: I know.

GLENN: I mean any president

PAT: I know.

GLENN: ever talk about the American people being enemies.

PAT: No. And if they had, it would be the apocalypse for the other side. They

GLENN: Well, it should be. It should be. There are not enemies. There are people
that we disagree with but they’re not enemies. But I will tell you this. The
enemies are within side the gate. If it’s not clear now that he views people
with a limited government world view, somebody who has a traditional
understanding of the founders of this country, of traditional values, if he if
it’s not clear that he is your enemy, he’s just made it. He’s just announced it.
Punish the enemies. Who’s he talking about?

PAT: I’m not sure because this is the nonpartisan, nondivisive, post racial
president. I’m not sure who he’s talking about.

GLENN: Let me ask you this. We also have him saying yesterday that the
Republicans can ride in the back. Do we have audio of this?

PAT: Yes.

GLENN: Play the audio of listen to this, America.

PAT: Just one second here.

GLENN: Oh, jeez. Stu?

STU: Yes?

GLENN: I mean, how long do we have to wait?

PAT: I mean, it could be up to two seconds.

STU: Up to two seconds. A full

GLENN: One, two.

PAT: Two full seconds. I mean, if you had to wait for three seconds, it would be

GLENN: It’s been longer than you are still stalling because you don’t have it.

PAT: All right. Are you going to stop talking here? Are you going to stop

GLENN: Yeah, what’s that good radio does when somebody has dropped the ball.

The Blaze:

Obama Again Tells GOP: ‘You Gotta Sit in the Back Seat’

PRESIDENT OBAMA: what they were doing and it didn’t work and we wouldn’t get it
if we went back to it. So we’ve got to move forward, not back. I know that Al
Franken talked to you a little bit about the analogy of a car being driven into
the ditch. Although I guess Al kind of embellished it a little bit, he said
there were alligators down there. I I didn’t see the alligators, but it is true
the car went into the ditch and it is true that me and Al and Amy and Mark and
others, we’ve had to climb down into the ditch, and it is hot down there and
dirty and we’ve been pushing that car, pushing it, pushing it, pushing it. The
whole time the Republicans have been standing on the sidelines. They have been
looking down fanning themselves, sipping on a Slurpee, kicking dirt down into
the ditch, kicking dirt in our face.

GLENN: Is he exercising again?

PAT: We have to push it… I’m getting tired… can barely talk. Okay, there it
is, push it so hard.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We got this car up on level ground and, yes, it’s a little beat
up. It needs to go to the body shop. It’s got some dents. It needs a tune up,
but it’s pointing in the right direction. And now we’ve got the Republicans
tapping us on the shoulder saying, we want the keys back. You can’t have the
keys back. You don’t know how to drive. (Cheers and applause).

PAT: He loves this analogy, loves it.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: You can ride with us if you want but you’ve got to sit in the
back seat.

PAT: There you go.

GLENN: So is this the back of the bus kind of analogy? Is that where is that
where the enemies go now, in the back? Because I’m just wondering.

STU: A little bit of a he’s saying the back seat. He’s not saying the back of
the bus. I mean, he’s talking about

GLENN: Oh, okay. But we can’t sit in the front with him?

STU: No. He’s saying that he’s going to drive the car and you can sit in the
back if you want.

GLENN: Well, there’s a passenger seat. Why can’t we sit in the

STU: That’s because that’s where George Soros is sitting, that’s why. We’re

GLENN: I’m just wondering why we’re sitting in the back.

STU: What we get is in the old school station wagon, the seat that faces
backwards in, like, the trunk, that’s where we get to seat. But we’re in the car
and he wants to make sure you know we’re in the car.

GLENN: But I mean, in the Fifties people were in the bus. They were just in the
back of the bus. What is the difference? You get to seat you can’t sit in the
front seat. Why can’t I sit in the front seat? Why can’t I sit in the front
seat, Mr. President? Why am I sitting in the back seat? Why, why are you saying
you have to punish your enemies? Are we looking to settle old scores here? Is
that what’s happening, Mr. President? Because I’m just wondering. It sounds like
there is a time to settle old scores, which sounds to me like you’re inciting
people. I’d be very careful, Mr. President, of inciting people because that’s
what it sounds to me. You want to punish the enemies. You’re reaching into the
Hispanic community and saying these people are enemies and must be punished.
How? How exactly? What does that mean exactly? And why, why are Republicans or
why are people that disagree with you suddenly second class citizens that cannot
sit in the front seat? I understand your little analogy that you can’t drive,
but why can’t you sit in the front seat? Why do you have to sit in the back
seat, Mr. President? I’m just wondering.

PAT: Because they have been doing all the work. They have been pushing hard.

GLENN: Why does he always sound like he’s on a treadmill.

PAT: Because I’m out of breath. I’m pushing this car, trying to get it out of
the ditch.

GLENN: Can we make sure there’s no treadmill behind the podium? Because I think
it always sounds like

PAT: I’ve been riding a stationary bicycle. I’m out of breath. I’ve been pushing

GLENN: It’s going to be… an uphill ride. The worst.

PAT: Oh, man. Only those who… have been pushing as hard as I have… and out
of breath as I am can ride with me, me and George, George Soros. That’s who will
ride up front.