Will They Fight for Freedom?

It is a foregone conclusion that the Republicans will take back the House of Representatives and pick up seats in the Senate. The question in the Senate is “how close?” But there is a lingering question too — will the Republicans fight for freedom?

It is, on a daily basis, a growing question.

Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) yesterday openly floated the idea of not really fighting aggressively to repeal Obamacare. “I’d recommend that we’d do a three-pronged approach,” he said according to Rebecca Adams of the Congressional Quarterly. Barton wants a vote on full repeal, but because he does not think that will go anywhere he also wants to take a piecemeal approach.

But his next quote gave away the game. “Some of the stuff in the bill is not all that bad,” he said. There you have it. That, frankly, is the dirty little secret among a lot of Republicans — they think there are pieces of the bill they should keep. A vote on full repeal is symbolic to many of them.

This will become the next battleground for tea party activists. Republicans should be forced to push a full repeal vote monthly, if not weekly, all the way up to 2012. It should be submitted to every legislation as an amendment. It should be offered up in every conference between the House and Senate.

To do anything less is to capitulate to the left.

Some will say it is a waste of time. Some will say the Republicans will never pick up enough votes to pass it through Congress, let alone sustain a veto. But what they miss is exactly what the GOP missed in the run up to the original vote — every vote brings more pressure to bear, draws clear dividing lines, and forces hands.

The goal must be to fight for freedom. Obamacare stands in the way of freedom. If the Republican Party is not willing to fight, by the time 2012 rolls around the tea party movement might just find another party willing to fight.

That should deeply, deeply worry the Republican leadership, which has decided to mumble about compromise while not even daring to whisper about freedom.

Erick-Woods Erickson

Editor, RedState.Com


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