Gloat Fest 2010!

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GLENN: This is kind of happy in your face groovy, dope-smoking, hippy music, isn’t it? Which I’m sure the dope smoking hippies are happy today. I mean, who wouldn’t be? You know, especially when you can just take the word of Nancy Pelosi. She gets it right again.

PAT: She is a genius.

VOICE: Early returns and the overwhelming number of Democrats who are coming out, we’re on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives.

PAT: [ Laughter ] O that’s rich. [ Laughter ]

GLENN: So she’s still going to the Speaker of the house. Oh, wait. She’s not.

PAT: [ Laughter ]

GLENN: But the Democrats can still pass and jam down anybody’s throat any bill that they want–

PAT: no. [ Laughter ]

GLENN: They can’t.

PAT: [ Laughter ]

GLENN: Oh, I feel bad about that.

STU: They do, too. Here’s the thing. The big establishment Republican party got their way and they crushed the Tea Party.

PAT: No, they didn’t. [ Laughter ] There will be no Republican route. Wait a minute! [ Laughter ]

GLENN: Oh, man.

PAT:  I guess what we’re saying is

¶ happy days are here again ¶

¶ GOP is in the house again ¶

¶ the socialist can’t fight it again ¶

¶ the GOP is in the house ¶

GLENN: The socialist can bite it again? I don’t remember those lyrics.

PAT: It’s in there. Look it up

STU: You always point out that you have to watch the other hand. One of the things you are talking about a lot is inflation and inflationary things and I don’t understand stuff like you do, but I notice that Alan Grayson was down by 7 and he lost by 18. Is that possibly inflation? Is that what that is?

[ Music ]

PAT: ¶ Alan Grayson is going home again ¶

[ Laughter ]

GLENN: There’s a banner on the Insider Extreme cast, Alan Grayson lost!

[ Laughter ]

GLENN: That makes me happy.

PAT: How much did he lose by?

STU: 18.

GLENN: 18!

[ Laughter ]

PAT: ¶ happy days are here again ¶

¶ Alan Grayson lost by 18 points ¶

¶ Alan Grayson is going home right now ¶

[ Laughter ]

GLENN: Alan Grayson lost his?

PAT: His donkey.

GLENN: Here’s the thing this is sad news. The one that they targeted to– they put everything in it, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, the Democratic caucus came out with all the money to destroy Michelle Bachman and of course Michelle Bachman lost.

PAT: No, she didn’t!

[ Laughter ]

[ Music ]

GLENN: OK stop, stop, it’s not right to gloat because there is some bad news. Charlie Crist lost and that, of course, is a big–

PAT: Wait a minute! That’s pretty good

[ Laughter ]

[ Music ]

PAT: You might as well get it started.

GLENN: Why not.

PAT: He’s got two years. He has a year before he needs to start campaigning.

STU: Is this what you call graceful in victory?

GLENN: Kids, this is wrong.

PAT: Don’t try this at home. We’re trained gloating professionals. Don’t try this at home.

GLENN: You know, look, here’s the thing. When you win a game, when the crowd is against you, the umpires are against you and the opposing team and many members of your own team are against you, I think it’s okay. I think it’s okay if you pull it out in the end and go– [ Laughter ] and then we’ll shake hands and say, nice game.

PAT: Nice game, yeah, right!

[ Laughter ]

[ Music ]

GLENN: Now that’s uncalled for.

STU: Yes that’s uncalled for. I will say that tomorrow this shouldn’t happen again but today, I think it should.

[ Laughter ]

[ Music ]

PAT: ¶ GOP’s in the house again ¶

GLENN: Stop, stop.

STU: Is that your natural singing voice?

PAT: You should hear me in church.

[ Laughter ]

GLENN: That’s great. Sing a hymn for us, will you? You are saying that might be wrong.

PAT: Unlike what I am doing.

GLENN: I want you to know that I have nothing to do with this. I’m against this one 100%.

PAT: I can tell. It’s clear you are.

GLENN: I am.

STU: It was not all good news. There’s some down news.

GLENN: The establishment didn’t win in Kentucky. I went to Rand Paul.

PAT: Wait a minute!

[ Laughter ]

[ Singing ]

GLENN: Come on, we haven’t had a chance to laugh and gloat for two solid years.

STU: We have to focus on the bad news like Russ Feingold going back– oh, wait, no.

[ Laughter ]

[ Singing ]

GLENN: Wait, wait! You still– Barack Obama’s seat still did go to the Democrats.

PAT: Wait a minute!

[ Laughter ]

[ Music ]

¶ a Republican kicked his ASS ¶

PAT: I don’t know if I can do it anymore I’m about to pass out.

STU: You look a little flush.

[ Laughter ]

GLENN: Oh, man.

STU: You couldn’t do it again if I tell you that Joe Sestak lost to Pat Toomey.

[ Laughter ]

[ Singing ]

PAT: I had one more in me.

[ Laughter ]

GLENN: I don’t feel bad at all.

PAT: I don’t either.

GLENN: Stuff your partisanship. Let’s be bipartisan. Yeah, today, stuff it.

STU: Tomorrow

GLENN: Tomorrow, we’re with you. Good game.

STU: Today

PAT: RAH, RAH! Democrat!

STU: Tomorrow, it’s coming, just tune in.

GLENN: You can sit up in the front seat with us. Today, get in the trunk.

[ Laughter ]

[ Music ]

STU: D.C. can you hear the music when you’re singing it?

PAT: Not anymore.

[ Laughter ]

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