Bill Ayers Wife: U.S. Gov‘t is ’Real Terrorist‘ While Right is ’Racist,‘
’Armed,‘ and ’Hostile’

GLENN: All right. So here is Bill Ayers’ wife, she’s doing an interview with
an Indian press agency. And she’s talking a little bit about the election. Here
she is.

VOICE: "Being at the eye of sensationalism around the election campaign was very

VOICE: "Must have been unpleasant."

VOICE: "It’s unpleasant because, as you know, U.S. society has increasingly been
polarized in the last three years. Very quickly, really."

GLENN: It never was before.

STU: No, not during Bush.

GLENN: The left loved Bush.

STU: Massive control of media the Tea Parties have.

PAT: They have one network that believe and give their side.


PAT: Massive Shhh.

VOICE: "Sound bite sentence, paling around with terrorists, for example, and
repeatedly endlessly is very strange and very, forgive me, the left. I have a
right. You can almost feel Obama saying that. He surely does have a right, and
it’s racist, it’s armed, it’s hostile, it’s unspeakable. If it had been — if
the left had a demonstration in Washington against Bush armed, armed, openly
armed demonstration."

PAT: When was this openly armed demonstration?

GLENN: In Washington D.C. anybody who was openly armed should have been

PAT: Would have been arrested. Remember where MSNBC showed —

GLENN: That was in Massachusetts.

PAT: I think there was one in DC, too.

GLENN: Then he should have been arrested.

PAT: No.

STU: Is that true?

GLENN: Yes, you cannot carry a weapon in Washington D.C. You cannot carry a
weapon in Washington D.C.

PAT: That’s true.

STU: I thought the Heller thing was —

GLENN: You cannot carry a weapon in Washington D.C. The Heller case was, you can
have it in your home.

PAT: What was the openly armed demonstration? And they even showed the guy with
the — and they were talking about how scary it was because a bunch of white
people got together.

GLENN: No, it was in New England someplace. I’m pretty sure it was New England.
It was not in Washington.

PAT: Not having armed demonstrations, that is ridiculous.

GLENN: In Washington D.C. you would be arrested.

PAT: That’s ridiculous. For her to talk about being armed, when she blew up
buildings and tried to kill people and was fine with murdering had they won 25
million Americans. This is really —

GLENN: She goes on in this audio, she goes on to talk about her idea of

VOICE: "Of black people in Washington demanding an end to this statist
government. Imagine. Imagine there would have been a massive bloodbath, right?"


VOICE: "So the idea now that it’s flipped and you have white people armed
demanding an end to this president, it’s very crazy."

GLENN: That’s unbelievable. She’s telling a foreign press service —

VOICE: "There’s a little wrong about a lot of things, including the immediate
possibility of revolution in the United States."

GLENN: Stop. Stop. I want you to hear that. We were wrong about a lot of things,
including the idea of an immediate revolution in the United States. An immediate
revolution. That’s what they were going for. An immediate revolution. But she
doesn’t say a revolution. She says we were wrong about an immediate revolution.
Just take steps and make progress. They’re kind of the progressive terrorists.
Your progressive revolutionaries. It was the main difference back in the early
progressive movement between the communists and the progressives. No, no,
they’re for revolution; we’re for evolution. There it is in a nutshell.