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GLENN: I want to tell you that I have been working feverishly. I drew out a schematic, believe it or not, the other day, and I took it on a big huge piece of whiteboard that I haven’t even had a chance — would you remind me, would you call my wife, Stu, and ask her to put it in the car and bring it to the studios today because it’s still sitting in my dining room. I can’t get it in my car. But I drew this thing out and I’m trying to figure out the way to explain all of the things that are coming and the ways out. I have the ways out for you. There are four specific things that I know must be done and I’m working as hard as I can to get it out. They do not include politics. "Broke" is the last, probably the last political book that I think I’ll write, at least for a while. I — the answer lies within you. "Broke" is the best I can do on political. And I want you to read it because it is important that you stay focused on that. You keep the fires stoked there. But this is a multifront operation, and I just want you to please, please — I ask you to make a new commitment. Don’t listen or watch this show casually anymore, please. I don’t think you do. But it’s time for you to make a decision because people are out there. You’re watching a puppet show, and it’s easy to tie it all together. We have done it. It’s easy. Now that we’ve broken through and we’ve seen the Tides Foundation and how Media Matters and all these things. Yesterday I showed you on TV how the people who are protesting Sarah Palin, it’s not an environmental group. It’s George Soros! It’s the same damn people.

Here we have a protestor, the video is out on The Blaze. Here is a protestor out in Chicago protesting Israel. Listen to this video.

VOICE: Sir, what war crimes are you protesting today?

VOICE: Racists (inaudible).

VOICE: Sir, sir, what war crimes are you protesting? Sir, what war crimes are you protesting today?

VOICE: (Inaudible).

VOICE: Who helped organize this event today that gave you that sign?

VOICE: I did.

The Blaze: Disturbing: Anti-Israel Protesters Can’t Explain Their Radical Claims

VOICE: You did? And what organization are you with? What organization are you with?

VOICE: I have no interest in talking with you.

VOICE: What organization are you with?

VOICE: I have no interest in talking with you.

VOICE: Why did you give this man a sign to stand out here and protest today and he doesn’t even know what he’s protesting? He’s not able to answer.

VOICE: I have no interest in talking to you.

VOICE: He’s not able to answer for himself.

VOICE: I have no interest in talking with you.

VOICE: He’s holding a sign at a protest —

GLENN: Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Boy, you are going to weep for your country as — if you haven’t already, as things start to unfold here. This is an organization, International Answer?

PAT: Oh, it’s Not In my Name.

GLENN: Oh, Not In My Name?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Stu, can you just ask the newsroom to run a search, Not In My Name, how much money they are getting from Soros or the Tides Foundation?

STU: Sure.

GLENN: The usual suspects. And show their connections. Because it’s there. It’s there. You are seeing a show. When you saw the gay activists chain themselves to the White House gate yesterday, why did that happen? Why did that happen? That is Van Jones: Bottom up, top down, and inside out. They are about to rise up from the bottom. As Van Jones himself said, we have the top. You’ve done the top, which means you’ve put all the revolutionaries up on the top. You got them. They’re there. Now, in his words, force this president to do what he wants to do.

So you’ve done the top part. You’ve put the revolutionaries at the top. Now, rise up, top down, bottom up and you turn it all inside out. The reason why I am telling you these things is not to frighten you but to convince you to prepare yourself because if you are prepared — look, your clothing prices go up 30% next year and you don’t have clothes for your kids. Your energy prices, I have a letter here from Gateway Energy and another one from PECO. The prices in Pennsylvania alone for energy are going up 30% as of January 1st, 30%. If you’re living on the edge and you got 30% increase, you can’t afford shoes or coats for your kids, who do you run to? You run to the government. And then you’re dependent on them. And then if there are uprisings in the streets, what do you do? You beg: Somebody make it stop. Somebody make it safe. It is the oldest communist play in the book and it is being played, chapter and verse right now in America.