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GLENN: Do you have the Fred Upton thing?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Listen to this. This is a Republican. This is a Republican that is now looking for the chairmanship of the energy committee.

PAT: Wow, where do you even start with this guy? Like many Republicans who lost in a primary this year, Upton voted for the $700 billion TARP bailout. One of just 18 Republicans to vote a year later for Barney Frank’s bill to give the Obama treasury department wide latitude in spending the remaining in $350 billion in TARP funds.

GLENN: Unbelievable.

PAT: In 2005 he was one of 11 Republicans to subject tax cuts to a 60-vote threshold in the Senate and he was one of only nine Republicans who voted against substituting tax cuts for the $787 billion stimulus plan. On spending, Upton was one of only 16 Republicans to vote for the Pelosi omnibus spending bill in 2009, voted against slashing, against slashing $355 billion in spending from the stimulus. He was a backer of the government SCHIP healthcare plan, National Endowment For the Arts and the wasteful public subsidies for Amtrak.

GLENN: I mean, this is a Republican.

PAT: He has occasionally thrown pro lifers from the train. He has a number of votes in favor of federal subsidies for Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest abortion advocate. We all know about that. He voted to overturn the first President Bush’s ban on federally funded abortion counseling. He is a proponent of taxpayer-supported embryo destructive research.

GLENN: Okay, this is Fred Upton. He is the guy who was the co-sponsor of the fluorescent light bulb.

PAT: Yeah, we didn’t even mention that.

GLENN: The incandescent light bulb ban.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: And now he’s — wants to be the chairperson for the energy committee. No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so. And Freedom Works, the reason why I bring it up is because Freedom Works is leading the challenge on this one, and what is the web address again? DownwithUpton? I haven’t even been there.

STU: DownwithUpton.com.

GLENN: DownwithUpton.com. Good. Good. This is exactly the kind of guy that the Republicans need to avoid or they’ll destroy themselves. Look, the Democrats have already destroyed themselves. They have already destroyed themselves. They have destroyed themselves, you know, by getting into bed with these progressives. And the progressives have won. Have you read, who is it, Krugman this weekend? Did you read what they are saying now about Barack Obama, that he’s actually a conservative?

PAT: Yeah.

STU: (Laughing).

PAT: You make that case.

GLENN: They are.

PAT: Come on.

GLENN: That he’s a conservative and now he’s showing his colors because he’s come out for the Chamber now? After an election where he says they’re in bed with foreign governments trying to destroy, now after the election he’s come out and said, "You know the chamber may not be that bad" and that makes him a conservative. No, I think that makes him sane. That doesn’t make him a conservative.

PAT: And a little late. Maybe he could have said that before the election.

GLENN: Oh, this is ridiculous.

PAT: Come on.

GLENN: — to me. They are actually — and you know what this is? This is the Overton Window. What the left is doing is they’re radicalizing and they are now trying to make the commander-in-chief look like a conservative so he can be moderate. Without him moving. He doesn’t move. They move. And it makes it appear as though he’s moderate. It’s the Overton Window. These guys are brilliant. They really are. The left, you must give them this. The left is brilliant. I was reading another article today, this morning on the drive in on, yeah, what’s your problem? You don’t read — you don’t read on your Blackberry when you’re driving? It’s traffic. What?

PAT: (Laughing). Oh, is that what you were doing? You were reading as you were driving?

GLENN: Hmmm?

PAT: Physically operating your vehicle?

GLENN: Here is the —

PAT: Huh, that’s hard to do.

GLENN: Here is the article from The Spectator on Jim Wallis. This thing is amazing. You know, can we put the Jim — the he had Upton story on the newsletter at GlennBeck.com and the honey, Jim Wallis shrunk the church story. It came from this summer but I just read it this morning and you have to read it. Jim Wallis was a member of SDS and then he finds Jesus. These guys are brilliant at what they’re doing. We’ll put these two stories in our free e-mail newsletter at GlennBeck.com. Don’t miss it. More in a second.